STFU We’re Not Cutting Cobb or Matthews

So the nonsense on the radio this morning was about people saying to cut Cobb and CM3.

I don’t know where these ludicrous ideas come from, but 1) it’s not a good idea and 2) it’s not going to happen.

First, it’s not a good idea because Cobb is an effective slot receiver who has a rapport with a superstar qb that is notoriously hard to build a rapport with. He’s a fierce competitor and you don’t cut a guy like that because he had a (decent) down year statistics-wise. Matthews is the only linebacker on the team capable of creating pressure by himself. Even in an injury plagued season, he had wow moments and needed to be game planned for. He’s respected in the locker room, sets an example on the field, and is feared by opponents. You could discuss a pay cut (and get laughed at) or a move to inside (at the risk of alienating a high-priced premier player), but you’re not gonna flat out cut him with that cap hit.

It’s also not going to happen because TT signed his guys and values continuity (the rare veteran cut of Sitton last year was about chemistry and continuity). You don’t have to agree with it, but if you at least accept that this is how TT works, you’ll save yourself some stress.

So I’ll chalk it up to pot-stirring radio hosts that need to fill an hour.

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