How’d That Free Agency Binge Work Out For the Giants?

For everyone who hates TT’s conservative approach, please see Exhibit Q: The 2016 New York Giants.

They signed Damon Harrison, Janoris Jenkins, and Olivier Vernon, for the bargain price of $194M to shake things up on their defense.

The fans high-fived and the moves actually worked out – the defense got a lot better. It got so good that they were bounced in the wild card round by TT’s free agent aversive Packers (after they got spanked by them in the regular season, too).

How can that be? I thought spending money on free agents won all the Super Bowlz!?

Well guess what? You’re not gonna believe this, but they didn’t! Shock! Gasp!

Not only did they not win the Super Bowl, but they had to pay all that money and now have to cut veteran contributors like Victor Cruz and Rashad Jennings.

Maybe people want TT to sign free agents so we can cut Cobb and Matthews. Wouldn’t that be a hoot!?

Oh and the best part about singing high-priced free agents, losing in the wild card round, and cutting your veterans? You get the bonus of no compensatory picks to draft guys like Mike Daniels and Josh Sitton!


Lets get drunk and sign some free agents, Teddy!

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