Stude’s 2019 Draft Coverage: Day 2 Review

Pick 3: #44 Overall – Elgton Jenkins (Prospect Primer)

Jenkins is a guy that I really liked. He was very successful (1 sack allowed in 762 snaps at center) in college and has great measurables. He started all over the offensive line and was on the SEC academic honor roll twice. There’s really a LOT to like about him.


On the flip side, I didn’t see him playing tackle (even though he did early in college). He played center since 2017 and interior lineman typically aren’t as valuable. Combine that with the fact that the Packers already have Linsley at center lowered him on my board. He also generally wasn’t ranked in the #44 range. While I really like the player, I can’t help but wonder if he could have been had later. Risner (the guy I really wanted there) went 3 picks earlier and that was sad to see.


The bottom line is he’s a good player and can be moved around. With all of the injuries, uneven play, and expiring contracts, this does make a lot of sense.  I’m guessing the give him the option to start at guard right away.


I think Dbak, Linsley, an Bulaga all locked into starting their normal spots. Billy Turner, Lane Taylor, Elgton Jenkins, Cole Madison, Justin McCray and Nico Siragusa(better than most might know) will be an interesting battle on the interior. Jason Spriggs, Billy Turner, and maybe Jenkins are top backups for tackle with Jenkins also being the clear #1 backup for center.

Pick 4: #75 Overall – Jace Sternberger

I had Sternberger on my board through the whole process until the last 10 days before the draft. I ultimately took him off because I was guessing that LaFluer would want a tight end that was more adept at blocking and would be more unpredictable on the field. I thought that he would put a high importance on not knowing if the TE was going to block our go out for the pass. For that to be viable, you need a legit blocking guy and have him out there frequently. Sternberger hasn’t been that guy. Instead, he’s a receiving machine. His blocking isn’t as bad as Jimmy Graham shows, but if he is going to fulfill the role I was describing, he is going to need to grow as a blocker.


As a receiver though…. they really have something. I think he was probably consensus #4 receiver after Hock, Fank, and Irv Smith. I think he might be better than Irv Smith if you really value receiving. He runs routes well, has good hands, uses his body and makes contested catches.


He switched schools 3 times, and when he made his last stop at Texas A&M, he was up to speed quickly. I think he can learn fast and help the pass game as a rookie and is also their tight end of the future. This guy will quickly become a target for Rodgers.


It will also be interesting if the use him in double TE sets with Graham. How are you going to cover that?


If the Packers are ok with a “receiving” tight end(which they apparently are), this guy is a great value at #75.


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