Stude’s 2019 Draft Coverage – Day 3 Review

Pick 5: #150 Overall – DL Kingsley Keke

I really like getting another Dline guy. After playing nose tackle for 2 years he changed his diet, dropped weight, and switched to defensive end.

His productivity shot up.

He lined up literally ALL OVER their line and received the Texas A&M Mr. Versatility Award. Sound like the Packers theme this year?

He has size, skills, and has flashes that really impress. He has potential and can absolutely improve to be a starter. This is solid value in the 5th round.

Pick 6: #185 Overall – CB Ka’dar Hollman

A former walkon that has size (5’11.5”) and ran a 4.39 40 on his pro day. He’s more of a man coverage guy that isn’t a great tackler and doesn’t add a lot in run support. He has short arms and is an older player. All that being said, he can press well and after development he can contribute. He needs development but has a high ceiling, which is what I expect for a sixth round selection.

Pick 7: #194 Overall – RB Dexter Williams

He has the NFL size and a 1-cut style that will fit nicely. I like the way he uses his blockers and accelerates. He looks good in quickly identifying holes that will be useful in short yardage and certainly spung him for his long runs. He can be a franchise type running back that I was looking for.


The reason he wasn’t on my list was for all the off the field issues. He was arrested in 2016 (in a car with 5 other teammates that also got into trouble) for marijuana possession and possessing a handgun without a license. He went on probation for a year for that. Then in 2018 he was suspended for the first 4 games for a “violation of team rules” that is believed to be a 2nd positive drug screen for marijuana. This wasn’t the type of guy I expected the Packers to be interested in. There is more to his character story though, check out his relationship with this mother.


I wanted a running back and I got one. He doesn’t have a lot of wear and tear on the body either. In that short time he had snaps he also didn’t have any fumbling issues. If he latches on with good influence teammates and friends, and stays off weed, it could be an outstanding selection.

Pick 8: #226 Overall – LB Ty Summers

I’m not sure why, but Ty Summers wasn’t really on my radar. After doing some research, this guy was vastly ascending at the end of his college career. Sticking with the Packers theme of versatility, he can line up in the middle, on the outside as a pass rusher, and even had production in pass coverage. Overall, he looks more like he’s going to be an edge pass rusher that can also line up inside.


He’s a team captain, has good measurables, and had great production. He did have a torn labrum in 2014 and had ankles issues the last 2 seasons. Perhaps this allowed him to be under the radar.


He’s strong, gets through traffic and blocks, and he closes really well. I mean really well. I really like this pick.

Summary of day 3

In terms of fulfilling positions, Gutekunst met my goals PERFECTLY. The Packers got a solid “carry-the-load” running back, a developmental corner, a versatile Dlineman for rotation, and a linebacker that can rush the passer and line up all over. This was a really, really good roster filling day. You can’t ask for a much better set of 4 picks, but imagine if they had 2 fourth round picks too.


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