Stupid Sh!t Packer Fans Said – 2018 Week 11

There’s a lot of nonsense on social media and talk radio about what fans think the Packers should do. There was a lto of it this week and I really felt compelled to address some of the dumbest things I heard.


The Packers Should Sign Le’Veon Bell
No they shouldn’t. Aaron Jones is on year 2 of a 4-year deal averaging $600k per year. Le’Veon Bell – who is three years older – wants $17M per year, which is ludicrous. Oh, and Aaron Jones is rocking out, in rhythm in this offense. Le’Veon Bell is sitting on his #ss and is the kind of guy who will just sit out a full year if he doesn’t get what he wants. Apparently $14.5M for a year of playing football isn’t enough, which makes him a tool and wrecked the Steelers locker room. Signing him, a locker room cancer, at a position where we have no need, for the largest running back contract in NFL history, is the stupidest thing I saw this week.


Aaron Jones Needs 20 Carries A Game
No he doesn’t, just shut up with this nonsense. This is so stupid, I wrote a whole column about it.


Mike McCarthy Should Have Resigned After the 2014 NFCCG Meltdown
When is the last time you saw a coach come within OT of the Super Bowl on a 12-4 season, 4 years removed from winning a Super Bowl, riding a 6 year run of playoff appearances, just come out and resign? Never. Because that’s stupid. Fans want to blame McCarthy for the loss, which is also stupid. Take away the fact that Morgan Burnett literally laid down and quit with the ball in his hands and no one in front of him. Forget the Bostick debacle, AJ Hawk blowing his fake FG coverage assignment, and HaHa Clinton-Dix watching a rainbow duck two point conversion that should have been picked, yeah, forget all that. Oh, and never mind the refs missing an obvious offsides, which led Rodgers to throwing a 50-50 ball into the end zone, which resulted in an interception that should not have counted, too. Take away all those things that McCarthy had nothing to do with and fans say he should have been more aggressive in going for touchdowns instead of “settling” for field goals. So, you’re in Seattle, the most hostile environment in the league, maybe in all of sports, facing the best defense in the NFL over the last 20 years, and you can’t get a first down… so you think you should go for it on 4th down? I understand the desire to be more aggressive, but the players lost that game with a multitude of mistakes and the coach played the odds – there is no way the coach should resign over that. That’s just stupid.


The Packers Should Get Josh McDaniels
Did you see what he did last year after accepting the Colts head coaching job? Did you see how he fared when he was the Broncos head coach? Have you seen the history of the Bill Belichick coaching tree? We absolutely should not go after that guy.


Ted Thompson Shouldn’t Be In The Packers Hall of Fame
First off, this is simple: you put together a Super Bowl champion, you get in the Packers Hall of Fame. I don’t want to hear about the firsts rounders he missed on – every GM does that. He put together one of the most competitive teams in the NFL for a decade straight. Oh, it’s all because Aaron Rodgers drafted the team, huh? Well Ted drafted Rodgers. That alone puts him in the Packers Hall of Fame, so shut up with that nonsense.


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