The Packers 2021 Draft Shopping List

It’s draft time again, the most exciting time of the NFL offseason!

The Packers were just a play away from getting to the Super Bowl last year (the play was just before the half in case you didn’t realize which one it was).

After a second consecutive year in the NFCCG, the Packers did everything they could to bring back as many of their preferred starters.

Even with some creative accounting, they weren’t able to bring everyone back.

This team, as good as it is, still has some holes.

They’ll need to add some difference makers if they want to get anywhere this year, but they also need to stock the shelves for next year, too.

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With all that in mind, here is the shopping list the Packers will need to fill :

  • 2 Wide Receivers – Forget about the number 1 offense for this year (they can do that with the guys they have), the Packers need to stock the shelves for 2022 when they have 0 receivers under contract. They won’t be bringing everyone back and they need cheap labor for cap relief.
  • 2 Cornerbacks – Everyone cornerback not named Jaire Alexander was a disappointment in the NFCCG. This team can’t expect to win in a passing league with one good cornerback. In a year with a deep class of solid prospects, the Packers should look to double dip here as well.
  • 1 Edge – A sneaky need, not only because their new defensive coordinator may want a different body type and Preston Smith may be a cap casualty next year, but also because guys like Za’Darius Smith and Rashan Gary move inside so often and the Packers need a speedy edge rusher for sub packages.
  • 1 Offensive Lineman – There is an opening at Right Tackle. They could draft someone to fill it or they could draft an interior offensive lineman to allow Elgton Jenkins or Billy Turner to move outside. Either way, they need someone.
  • 1 Defensive Lineman – No matter how you slice it, they need someone here.
  • 1 Gadget Player – The Packers loved Tyler Ervin in his niche role and when he got hurt, they tried to replace him with Tavon Austin. They haven’t found the right player yet, but it’s clear LaFluer wants someone in that mold and this draft class looks like a good place to fined them.


That’s 8 players… but the Packers have 10 picks.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Gutekunst move up… again.

If he does keep all those picks, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a coverage linebacker or hybrid safety. I could also see them grabbing a punter if they’re all hanging around late and another quarterback wouldn’t surprise me at all on Day 3 – they’ll need a camp arm and will nab an UDFA is they don’t draft one. Otherwise, filling out the roster with more linemen is never a bad idea.


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