The Packers Draft Need That No One Is Talking About

Even with the nice patch job the team did in free agency, the Packers still need Edge rushers and Offensive Linemen and Safeties and a new Tight End and Inside Linebackers and… well, a bunch of other positions, too.

Just because the starting lineup is patched doesn’t mean that we’ve build enough talent and depth to turn a 6 win team into a title contender.

We have a new coach, but we can’t expect him to make chicken salad out of… this roster.

The defense made strides under first year Defensive Coordinator Mike Pettine, despite not having an Edge threat. Getting a couple Smiths in free agency along with Adrian Amos figures to help matters, but it’s not the full answer.

On offense new Head Coach Matt LaFleur is supposed to be the kind of young mind that can get our veteran Quarterback back into contention. The offensive line is solidified with the signing of Billy Turner, but still needs reinforcements, including a replacement Right Tackle and depth across the board (I don’t see these 5 guys staying healthy for 16 games). There’s talent at receiver, but mostly unproven. The running back committee needs another body, as does the tight end room.

There’s a lot of needs on both sides of the ball.

These needs have been discussed.

But you know what need hasn’t been discussed?

Special Teams.

The Packers Special Teams have been abysmal for quite some time. We’ve talked about how bad it is many times last year (if you were lucky enough to forget, you can refresh your memory here).

Sure, a new Special Teams coach can help, but they need players, too. If a draft doesn’t emphasize this, it can’t get better.

I know they took a punter and long snapper last year. That’s not what I’m talking about.

I know we need a return man, too – the flashiest Special Teams position. That’s not what I’m talking about, either.

I’m talking about gunners.

I’m talking about blockers that can get downfield, blow up other blockers, hold lanes, and make tackles.

Right now, the team hasn’t made strides to find guys who can do that specifically. 

Jeff Janis was a special teams demon, Jarrett Bush had a reputation as an ace, but now there’s… no one really.

Regardless of position, you’re looking for athletes who will hustle. Guys with the humility and energy to embrace the less-glamorous roles on special teams.

This is what the last picks on Day 3 should be spent on – not some D3 guy who had a nice pro day that you hope can make the jump.

Guys I’ve looked at include Jimmy Moreland, Corey Ballantine, Joe Giles-Harris, but there are a lot more.

Let’s get some and try to climb out of the basement of special teams that we’ve wallowed in for years. That will help the offense and defense more than some last day flier.


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