Thoughts From Packers Broncos First Half

Looks like they kept Rodgers away from Kyle Murphy’s side but Murphy fared ok with help. Spriggs came in and on TyMo’s big run and had a nice seal block to create a lane. Spriggs had a whiff and was up and down. Overall, the Oline depth looks abysmal.

Mike Daniels was a beast – trucked over a guard, plowed through a fullback and knocked Siemian as he was throwing. Disrupted all day, including 4th and 1 and he got held but still forced an interception.

Speaking of that pick, Kentrell Brice has been my man since last preseason and he’s still looking good. Came up and laid some lumber in run support, too… so of course he had to go out and hurt himself. I was very happy to see him come back in the game. He’s an unsung hero on defense – his speed can hide a lot of deficiency in the backfield and his ability to simply play at a reasonably high level gives them scheme flexibilty to run nitro and all the other things they want to do with their great safeties

DamaRand looked like he was playing to prove a point, even if he got beat, he was playing tough and aggressive – nothing like the soft off-man coverage we saw the second half of last year. I’m still expecting big things from him this year.

CM3 looks spry, maybe they should sit him and keep him healthy for a couple months.

When Trevor Davis doesn’t muff the punt, he usually makes things exciting.

TyMo looks like he measures up. Broke one early and showed good instincts at the goal line.

Jeff Janis is still fast – either on punt guns, returning a kick (even if there are three holds), or chasing a down a breakaway return man, that dude flat out has jets. It looked like everyone else was wearing ankle weights on that kick return.

I love that Bak will call out Linsley if he misses the snap count. Leaders need to hold each people accountable and the O-line needs strong, thick-skinned personalities like both of those guys.

Voegel continues to look alright… decent. I still wouldn’t mind seeing Schum come back after he’s healthy.

Jamaal Williams is like invisible to linebackers. He has a way of sneaking out of the backfield undetected. If he swaps in to spell TyMo, there might not be a dropoff in the passing game.

Lance Kendricks looks good on the rare occasion that they throw to him. There are so many effing targets on this team that it’s silly.

What’s up with all the cheap shots? Hundley falls down and a Broncos linebacker (I think it was Vontarrius Dora and his 0 career tackles) still dove on him and hit him in the helmet. WTF?

Speaking of… Allan Barbre looks like a chump no matter what jersey he’s in.

Ending the half on a high note: Kevin King in the end zone. Oooooh, let’s see more of that!


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