Did the Packers Waste Eddie Lacy’s Prime?

Sure it’s early, really early in the year, but what else do we have to go on at this point?

An article from SBNation makes it clear that Lacy isn’t starting off gangbusters with his new team, even if he’s getting paid bonuses for not being fat. He took 4 carries for 10 yards in game one and 6 for 20 in game two. Everyone in the Seattle backfield, including 7th rounder Chris Carson, is outperforming Lacy.

Now, we know that running backs don’t have a long shelf life. Lacy started his career hot, winning rookie of the year in 2013, but that season was ruined when Rodgers broke his collarbone. In 2015, all the receivers were hurt. In 2016, all the corners were hurt. On 2014, everything came together… and it ended in tragedy (football wise).

Now on the fading Seahawks – a team that has looked worse every year since Russell Wilson handed Tom Brady a Lombari – Lacy, his body worn from four years of hard pounding in Green Bay, can’t even crack the starting lineup. His best years appear behind him.

And he doesn’t have a ring to show for it.

Poor Eddie Lacy, the Packers wasted his prime. He gave it everything he had. He put every ounce – nay, every pound – of effort he could muster into trucking over defenders and pulling ridiculous spin moves, making defenders look like fools. He was one of my all-time favorite Packers to watch and after everything he did, he doesn’t have a ring.

We wasted the sh!t out of Aaron Rodgers’s prime, but at least he got a ring (and a belt) out of it! F#cking Jarrett Bush got a ring out of it!

But not Big Ed. Eddie Lacy, now past his prime at 27, gave his best years to Green Bay and never even made it to the Super Bowl.

There’s gotta be an ESPN special in here somewhere – those f#ckers will make anything.

Damn it Ted Thompson – somehow this is all your fault!

Maybe not.

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