Tim Masthay or Vince Young: Whose Comeback is More Hopeless?

A couple former Packers apparently want to play football again. Vince Young and Tim Masthay have both popped up  in the news this week as wanting to return.

The former never made it out of training camp and the latter was unexpectedly cut at a time there was no replacement, he was just that bad. He was actually so bad that they cut his competition (Peter Mortell) and then cut him the next day so they could use a waiver pickup on a guy who was just cut by the Buccaneers (the Buccaneers!).

That’s a blow to the ego.

So quarterback is a premium position, but retreads hook up all over the place all the time – heck, he bounced around to three different teams who never kept him in the regular season. Punters are largely thought of as fungible good in the NFL, so any random team could spin the wheel o’ punters and come up Masthay.

Given that he’s also a few years younger, I’ll go with Masthay being less hopeless and maybe even kicking around this preseason.

Let’s just hope we don’t see either of them in green and gold again ever.

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