Who The Hell Wants Adrian Peterson Now?

Hey, remember when AP fell short of the single season rushing record because he couldn’t get past Morgan Burnett? I do, and it was 2012, a half decade ago, which is a full career for a lot of running backs.

Sure, you can’t just lump AP in with a lot of running backs. He came back from an ACL injury like no one had before (although Jordy has since made it look even easier), he beat that ACL injury like he beat his children and shrugged off a year long suspension in 2014.

In 2015, he broke the shackles of being 30 to have an All Pro season, but last year, at 31, it looked like age caught up to him. He played in three games, lacked his trademark power and speed, and averaged 1.9 ypc (that’s worse than James Starks).

Now he’s going to be 32 and has basically missed two of the last three years, sucking royally in what little he played in the last one.

I don’t want a guy like that. Plus he was a Viking. Let’s stop this foolish talk of signing Adrian Peterson already.

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