Unknown Offense Leaves Questions For 2019 Draft

One of the really fun parts of studying the Packers as they prepare for 2019 NFL Draft is the fact that we know very little about what kind of players they are looking for. 

It’s not just that Gutey is in just his second draft at GM, it’s that we have new head coach Matt LaFleur installing what is expected (and hoped) to be a very different offense than we’ve seen in the past.

We know that the team is all in on zone blocking, which makes projecting what the team will look for different than the past. Do they want to wait for cheap zone blocking value in the tradition of zone blocking or do they want premier talent to protect the QB?

LaFleur has said he wants to run more, but you can run a zone scheme with many different types of backs – which kind will he favor? More of a waterbug like Bryce Love or more a grinder like David Montgomery?

In the past, he’s relied on Tight Ends, but was that out of necessity or preference? How does he view Jimmy Graham? I would imagine he sees him as an aging piece of trash, but maybe not. Does he want more Tight Ends? How many?

What about Wide Receivers? Does he want big Receivers or just big Tight Ends? Will he even use a small slot guy? Is Deebo an option? Penny Hart? 

Does he want a fullback? Ingold szn?

Nobody knows, but we should get some insight into it over the next few days!


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