What I Want The Packers To Do In The First Round 2019

It’s happening! It’s happening! The draft is finally here!

The Senior Bowl is long gone, the Combine results are stale, everyone has finalized their board, and now it’s the home stretch!

So what should the Packers do with all the draft capital they’ve accumulated?

I’m glad you asked!

At 12, I fully expect Nick Bosa, Josh Allen, and Qinnen Williams to be long gone by 12 and I don’t think it’s worth moving up given all the needs the Packers have and the amount it would take to move up (see more here and make your own conclusions)

The guys that I like there are Brian Burns and Ed Oliver. They are disruptive defenders that can transform the front 7. However, they may not make it to 12.

Clelin Ferrell and Montez Sweat are the next tier of guys I like, but they don’t feel like good value. Absent Burns and Oliver, I’d prefer to trade down to the middle of the round and grab one of these guys.

TJ Hockenson is a guy I love for the Packers and the new offense, but I can’t see value in taking a Tight End at 12. At 30, however, I think he’d be a great fit. He’s really the only guy who sticks out to me at 30, where there is a huge talent plateau that goes to the end of Day 2.

If Hock isn’t there at 30 I’d also like to trade back for more picks.

I’m an advocate of trading back a lot this year because the talent tiers break out that way in this draft class, but mostly because the Packers are a 6 win team that needs a lot of new contributors.

Upgrading half a dozen starters is a lot more appealing to me that just getting one or two guys that we hope will be difference makers.

Take a deeper look at the Packers options for trading down and how it could play out in a very exciting mock draft.


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