What Stuck Out From The Eagles Game

Well, we finally have a preseason game in the books – we’re one week closer to actual, real football!

Here’s what stuck out from the Eagles game:

The Eagles Are Basically Big Pieces of Sh!t
Last year, Allan Barbre gave CM3 a cheap shot that ruined his season just as the table running was starting. These year, they’re not waiting for the regular reason to try to end people’s year. Bryce Treggs lit up an unsuspecting Damarious Randall on a blindside helmet-to-helmet hit that put DamRan int the concussion protocol. Nice, Treggs, I hope it was worth a two yard run in preseason, you d!ck with your 3 career catches. There was a legwhip sack, and out of bounds throw on Davis and then Tre Sullivan launched himself helmet-to-helmet into Malachi Dupre, sending him off on a stretcher and into an overnight hospital stay. Later in the game, Sullivan, an undrafted POS, tried to take out Max McCaffrey with a late hit after McCaffrey clearly opted to not even try for the ball since he would have been a defenseless receiver. Too bad there’s only one round of cuts this year so Turd Sullivan will be in the NFL another week. Doug Peterson, this nonsense starts with you – don’t be a p!sshead because you carried Favre’s clipboard your whole life.

Good Look From Starting Front 7…
The starting defensive line got good push, consistently pressing into the Eagles backfield on runs and pass plays. The pass rush was pretty solid, too, they just didn’t finish with their sacks. Corner coverage was pretty decent. Not perfect, but close to their receivers – even on the touchdown, the coverage was there.

… Except For Tackling
From the first quarter through the fourth, the team was missing tackles all night. they made good plays, put themselves in a position to make the tackle, then just fell off guys. These clowns need to quit tackling donuts and get to old school tackling drills (without taking cheap shots like the Eagles).

The sole reason the NFL keeps the preseason at four games is for Janis hype. Janis had decent numbers on kick returns, but didn’t look smooth or natural in traffic – he’s strictly an open field speed guy who sadly doesn’t seem like he will ever get the little things. The dig move on his touchdown looked like the depth of his repertoire. It was a very nice dig move, but that’s a rudimentary maneuver. Janis has a place in the NFL as a depth receiver and punt gunner, but we should stop thinking he will ever be anything more.

Josh Jones Looked the Part
Josh Jones covered a swing pass on 3rd and 4 and looked flat out beastly – great awareness, natural instincts, and the athleticism and physicality to swoop in and make the stop for 4th and 1. We got to see flashes of the training camp hype right off the bat. Here’s a guy we should think will grow into something more.

The Other Second Rounder Looked OK, Too
Kevin  King had a some really solid stops in space, but also got caught peeking in the backfield and gave up a big play… and promptly acted like the safety should have been there. He missed the early part of the offseason program, so it’s understandable to miss an assignment, but that didn’t look like a missed a assignment. Aside from more Janis, we should be glad there are four preseason games so that guys like King can some some reps and learn from situations like this. I’m still very optimistic on this guy.

New Look OLine
This time last year, we had Sitton and Lang… that seems like ages ago. The new-look line looked average in the first preseason game. Pass protection was ok, but they didn’t get much push at all in the run game. Even for a zone scheme, they looked like they have too much finesse right now. Hopefully more contact practices will get the bangers banging before week 1 because Seattle’s front seven will tear that up.

Davante Adams
Tae looked good hauling in some Hundley passes that weren’t perfect.

Didn’t look worth a first-rounder today.

Martellus Bennett
He’s a big dude.

Trevor Davis
Looked foolish and clueless as a punt gunner but much better as a punt returner, like a legitimate started at PR. However, he needs a haircut because the braided man bun is an embarrassment.

Rookie Running Backs
Jamaal Williams showed some nice power between the tackles. Devante Mays had a cute move on his one touch. Aaron Jones had his best game as a Packer and it was not good – he ain’t gonna earn any carries (or a even a roster spot) playing like that.

Joe Callahan Is One Of My Favorite Players To Watch
The guy runs all over the place and you never have any idea how a play is going to unfold  when he’s back there. Could he stick in the NFL? Sure? Will he ever be a starter? Doubtful, but he could be a more exciting Ty Detmer, or a Doug Peterson who doesn’t go on to coach a bunch of cheap-shotting little b!itches. Whatever happen, I love watching the guy in preseason.

Taysom Hill bird-dogged the heck out of Michael Clark
It doesn’t matter against CB9 – the Packers have some of the best third-stringers in the NFL. An exciting end to the game.

2 thoughts on “What Stuck Out From The Eagles Game”

  1. I didn’t get a chance to watch the game. Surely there is someone who we could demand be fired over their coaching/playing on Thursday? Where’s the shortsighted outrage? Perhaps some unreasonable predictions based upon the play of a bunch of guys that were recently bagging groceries? After all, this is the most important game the Packers have played in since January. Are we not yet ready to predict a super bowl win based on what we saw? Or, maybe now that the first preseason game is in the books, the upcoming season can finally be declared a total failure due to one possible concussion?

    The quality of play during the preseason is a CRITICAL PREDICTOR of success during the season!
    Can I get nice loud a JANIS!?!?!?!

    1. The really funny part is that Packer fans get upset with only playing in a couple playoff games each year, while Bear fans see a not terrible preseason game from a rookie and think they’re going to the Super Bowl. Sure, a few of those are a little sarcastic, but not all of them.

      Now if ol’ Mitchie Boy was throwing to guy like Janis? Then they just might have a shot. Janis!

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