Mark Murphy Drinks His Own Sweat

There’s a lot of people who don’t like Mark Murphy. They call him Howdy Doody, make ginger jokes, and claim he’s more interested in making money than winning football.

I think it’s all nonsense.

The guy has created one of the most successful programs in the league from the smallest market by far. His team is on their was to tying the record for the most consecutive playoff seasons ever.

But if you want to hate him, I have great news for you! He eats his own sweat! Yes, while we’re waiting for the rain to pass over Family Night, here is what Murphy said when talking about his old playing days:

“George Allen, God bless him, he was a hall of fame coach, but he did not believe in water breaks – they weakened you… I remember, I got so dry and my throat was so parched, I would take the sweat on my t-shirt and wring it into my mouth.”

Mark… that’s not a good look.

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