What We Learned: Packers at Bears – 2019 Week 1

The Packers are 1-0 after a smashmouth defensive battle (something that we typically don’t win) and we have our first inkling of what the 101st incarnation of the Green Bay Packers may be.

Here’s what we learned in the first game:

“We have a defense”
The run defense was stout. David Montgomery was a strong runner, breaking plenty of tackles, but the Packers D (full of long, gap-filling bodies up front) continually swarmed to keep him contained, holding him to 3.0 yards per carry. In the defensive backfield, the speed was apparent. The DBs had about six almost interceptions before finally getting one. When passes were completed, the closing speed limited yards after the catch like no Packers D in recent memory. It was really nice to see. 

You gotta run your brand new offense in the preseason
Either Aaron Rodgers is washed up or the offense needed to run their new scheme at least a little bit in the preseason. Either way, these guys should have got some preseason PT. It’s a brand new offense and that’s what the preseason is for. There was no flow to the passing game and the retooled offensive line was never in sync for run blocking or pass blocking.

Amos > HaHa
We already knew that, but that big 3rd down stuff and the interception in the end zone in the 4th really underscored it.

Mitch Trubisky is who we thought he was
Yeah, he had one nice throw left to Robinson, but most of his throws left looked like unintentional throwaways. He had a ton of balls that were almost picked off. Then on 4th and 10, at the end of field goal range in a one score game, he stumbled forward for minimal gain and a turnover. Finally, he tossed a 50-50 ball into double coverage (to his left) for an interception to basically end the game. This guy is not an MVP candidate.

It’s Elgton Jenkins time
The Bears have a great front, but the guard tandem still did nothing. Seriously.

And of course…
The Bears still suck.


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