Prediction Results: Packers at Bears – 2019 Week 1

In this week’s preview column, we made our predictions for the week 1 game against the Bears. It’s really tough to predict how things will go when you have a new coach and no one played in the preseason, but we did it anyways. Here’s how we did:


HaHa Clinton-Dix gets a big splash play and an epic blunder
He almost made a big play when he stripped Rodgers (after a gain), but it was recovered by the Packers and eventually nullified by penalty. Haha allegedly had a good game per PFF, but I didn’t see anything that stuck out.
Score: 0.5

The Packers speedy secondary finally picks off Mitch Trubisky
In the most poetic way possible! Amos picks off his old team for the first ever Packer interception of Mitch Trubisky in the waning moments of a one-score game.
Score: 1.0

Aaron Rodgers calls an audible
I’m gonna go ahead and say I nailed this.
Score: 1.0

David Montgomery makes his presence known in spot duty
The rookie didn’t break any long plays, but it’s hard to say his presence wasn’t made known. Even with two or three yard carries, he was breaking multiple tackles. He looks like a problem for the foreseeable future.
Score: 1.0

David Bakhtiari neutralizes whoever dares line up across from him
Holding will certainly neutralize a pass rusher. It was a tough assignment, but he did pretty good.
Score: 0.7

No missed field goals on either side
Maybe my riskiest prediction of the game, but it came true.
Score: 1.0

Packers backs and tight ends combine for over 100 yards receiving
With 87 yards, I’ll round up my score to the nearest decimal.
Score: 0.9

Rodgers goes off for 4 TDs
Well, they can’t all be winners, can they?
Score: 0.3

The Packers defense shows promise, but their unfamiliarity leads to giving up some big plays
They certainly showed some promise, but they didn’t give up much in the way of big plays. I understated this one big time.
Score: 0.7

Packers 31, Bears 27
Well, I was pretty close on the margin of victory.
Score: 0.5

Total Predictions: 10
Total Score: 7.6
Percentage: 76%

Not bad for Vegas.

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