A Pre-Draft Look At Our Cornerbacks

Part 4 in a position-by-position analysis of where the Packers stand going into the draft.

Who knows? Damarious Randall is the one first-round pick on the team and will probably be a starter. Quentin Rollins was also a premium pick, but Ladarius Gunter, formerly an undrafted free agent, played better last year. Free agent prodigal son Davon House could just as likely crack the starting lineup if Capers decides to use his press man specialty. The fact that both starting corner positions, along with the nickel and dime, are wide open speaks volumes about the state of this group.

Makinton Dorleant was the only player I’ve ever heard of to go on IR twice in one season. Unfortunately, that’s the most notable thing I have on him at the moment. Demetri Goodson is still better at basketball than football and probably would have been cut last year were it not for injuries. Herb Waters was a position-switcher last year and Josh Hawkins is a light, fast, raw prospect. If anyone one of these guys had to jump in, we’d have no idea what was coming.

Talent on Roster
Despite the fact that you can’t point to even one player and know for sure that he’s an opening day starter (which is a bit worrisome), there is a lot of potential there. If Randall and Rollins can bounce back from injuries and/or sophomore slumps to play like they did as rookies and Davon House and Ladarius Gunter can provide more physical alternatives, there are a lot of ways this group could match up against opponents, even if none of the younger players step up. However, that’s four big if’s in one sentence. That’s a lot of if’s for one position. There’s a lot of young athletes in this group, but there’s no guarantee that any of them will amount to anything. This is where a guy like Micah Hyde would give a little piece of mind… but not at Bills prices.

Draft Need
High. There’s a lot of people in here, but not a single one that has consistently performed throughout their career, which is saying a lot since most of them have only been in the league a year or two. This group took a lot of heat last season and, injury-induced or not, their production warranted it. This is a prime position to use a first rounder on. The Packers don’t need a Jabril Peppers jack of all trades as much as they need a solid, clear-cut number one corner.


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