A Pre-Draft Look At Our Specialists

Part 10, the final part, in a position-by-position analysis of where the Packers stand going into the draft.


It’s a short list without a lot of contention. Mason Crosby and Jake Schum are the unquestioned starters at kicker and punter. Long snapper is currently a two man race with Taybor Pepper and Derek Hart (who I can only hope is a little brother of the Hart Foundation).


At Kicker and Punter, there is no one else on the depth chart ahead of me. Long snapper will have no backup – whoever doesn’t win will be cut. It’s like Highlander.


Talent on Roster
The kicker and punter positions are in great hands.

Mason Crosby shook off a rough stretch a few years back (when I sat and watched him miss and miss and miss at Family Night and finally conceded, after years of being an apologist, that he was Finkled and there was no coming back) to regain his spot as a top kicker in the league and make everyone who doubted him in the least get set up for @OldTakesExposed.

Ted Thompson changes punters like the Beastie Boys trash hotels, but Jake Schum has been a very good find. Plus, he has this going for him, which just might be the best animated gif for a punter of all time.

They both kick in the worst conditions in the league and do great – you should all start appreciating it more. Just look at Tampa Bay and be thankful.


Draft Need
Zero. The Packers are totally set and don’t even really need to bring in competition for kicker and punter. If they don’t bring Brett Goode back (which I think they should), the most they would probably do is pickup an UDFA to compete for the long snapper spot. Don’t look for a draft pick at these spots, though.


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