Day 1 Recap

Trading Down

I LOVED the fact that Ted traded down.  I love the fact that he moved only 4 spots for a 4th rounder, and I will expand on that below.  The end of the first round has gained traction as a valuable pick because of the associated gain of getting a 5th year option for all players drafted in the first round.  He maximized this pick into getting another value pick:  #1 overall on day 2.

This means that from the time the draft was winding down until they are on the clock tonight, teams are scrutinizing all the players that fell or they didn’t think will be there.  In previous years, trading up on day 2 is like day 1.  People see this talent and want it so bad they give up too much for it.  This is even more tantalizing knowing that QB DeShone Kizer is available and is slotted to go quickly.  People gave up a LOT yesterday to move up to take QBs, and  I love the Packers being in a position to field all of those trade offers!   What I’d really like them to do is trade down again and pick up an extra 3rd rounder.  There are going to be a lot of NFL starters in the 3rd round and I would love to get an extra pick there.

What if there is no trade?

If they can’t get an offer they like, I think they should take CB Kevin King.   He would have probably been my pick at #29 if my background team wouldn’t clear LB Reuben Foster.  Some others that will probably go early in the round and are in the running for the Packers are: CB Quincy Wilson, CB Chidobe Awuzie, EDGE Jordan Willis, OG Forrest Lamp, and RB Dalvin Cook.


4th round

This isn’t just a 4th rounder, its #1 on day 3!  That same scenario that happens tonight where teams get to have time to process all of the talent that “slid” is going to happen again!  That pick is going to be highly coveted.  I. LOVE. IT.  I expect that there will be very good talent in the 4th and Ted’s history in the 4th makes these even more exciting.  Ted’s history with big men (Bakhtiari, Sitton, Lang, Daniels, Tretter) is especially great in this round too.   All for only moving down 4 spots.


What about TJ Watt?

I know people in Wisconsin were pining for Watt.  Maybe he does turn out to be great, and it MAY be worth even more than what Ted is going to turn these picks into.  One advantage we have in this is that TJ went to what might be the PERFECT fit for him, and we can see his full potential.  He will have every opportunity to shine for the Steelers.  The team has historically used their 3-4 OLBs to his strengths, and they have a solid defense that he can fit into so he doesn’t have to be the focus.  If he doesn’t succeed there, he wasn’t going to succeed anywhere else.


Who were the winners?

  • San Francisco – Getting that haul for moving one spot is amazing.  They got the guy they wanted anyway!  If that wasn’t enough, they got an amazing talent in Foster.  A++
  • Jameis Winston – A tight end is always the best friend of a QB, especially a young QB.  Getting Howard at #19 is an A+ for the Buccaneers.
  • New York Jets – Jamal Adams is one of those guys that just doesn’t seem to have a weakness.  I think the Bears should have taken him at #3, and the Jets got him at #9.  
  • Indianapolis Colts – I didn’t like Malik Hooker as much as Adams, but getting him at #15 is surprising and a good get for a team that needs him.
  • Redskins – This is apparently a risk.  Teams must of been scared of his injured shoulder, because there is no way Jonathan Allen should be there at #17.  If he’s healthy, watch out.
  • The fans – That was an exciting first day!  I love the draft.


Who were the losers?

  • Chicago Bears – Even if you are convinced this is your franchise players, it’s still SOOO much to give up.  I’m not convinced, and they crippled themselves doing it.
  • The Bears trade and pick was so catastrophically bad, no one else belongs on the same list.


Enjoy day 2!

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