Ha! The Bears Really Bearsed This Up!

If you’re a loyal leader (or just discovered us yesterday), you should remember our prediction: that the Bears, with a premium pick in a deep draft, would Bears this up. Go ahead, take a moment and fact check.

It was silly to give Mike Glennon $15M per year, but they managed to one up themselves (Bears, hold the Bears beer) by giving up a two 3rds and a 4th to move up to #2 overall. Now that may not seem like a lot to get up to #2, but it is when you’re already at #3.

It seems like a move of desperation and idiocy (I can’t sort out the ratio) with a conversation that I imagine went something like this:

49ers: Hey Bears, wanna trade trade first rounders?

Bears: No, we pick right after you, why would we do that?

49ers: Because you want Mitch Trubisky.

Bears: Huh? What? No we don’t, we signed Mike Glennon. He’s out starter. And it’s Mitchell Trubisky, not Mitch.

49ers: Ok, then we’ll just take Trubi-

Bears: I’ll give you anything!


To make it worse (or, for Packer fans, more hilarious), the 3rd and 4th rounders they gave up this year were basically late 2nd and 3rd rounders because the Bears were picking so high on account of how bad they sucked last year. Actually, if they wouldn’t have beaten the 9ers in a meaningless game towards the end of last year, they would have already had the number 2 pick. Ha, the Bears can’t even suck without messing it up!

Even better (funnier): they gave all that up to select a crapshoot position. QB is by far the least sure-thing position in the draft.

There are three main reasons quarterbacks fail in the NFL:

1 – They are scouted incorrectly – it’s hard to project how college QBs will transition to the NFL game

2 – They are rushed into starting – young quarterbacks need time to develop and adjust to the NFL game or it can lead to irreparable bad habits, both physical and mental

3 – They go to the Bears

And the Bears are going for the hat trick!

Lookout Lions, theres a new leader in the idiocy clubhouse!

Pop quiz: Which NFC North starting quarterback was not chosen with a top 2 pick?

A: The good one!

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