For The Love of Ted, We Have To Let Him Go

I’ve never been a #FireTed guy (and I don’t expect I ever will be), but he needs to be let go… it’s for his own good.

Remember in the off-season when we saw Ted struggling to raise his water bottle and needed help from an index finger. During the Vikings game he had this meme-able pose.

All of this follows rumors of a health issue a couple drafts ago.

Based on this, I don’t think Ted’s health can take this high-stress career much longer. It’s time to let him go, for his own good.

I’ve wondered before if he had (or the organization had made him) already loosened his reigns on the team based on very un-Ted-like moves. Hopefully this is already happening to lighten his load, but really, he looks like he needs the nice cushy retirement he’s earned.

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