If Packer Fans Owned Stock In The Company You Worked For

We all know how spoiled and entitled Packer fans are. Going to the playoffs 8 straight years and winning a Super Bowl aren’t enough. When people take this attitude seriously, defend it vehemently, and “demand” more, it’s not funny… but if we applied it in another context, it might be.

What if, instead of being a fan and/or shareholder of a football team, we compared it to being a shareholder of a company (ignoring the irony that the Packers are, in fact, a corporation)?

Here are how the top 20 things Packer fans say on twitter and sports radio would translate to a traditional company:

  1. I bought a shirt with the company logo on it. That means I pay their executive’s salaries and they should do what I say!
  2. Amazon has drones and robots, but you’re still shipping things overseas by boat – the business world has passed your CEO by and he should be fired!
  3. The recruiting department found the best salesperson the world has ever seen, but when he was out on medical leave, sales dipped. That means your recruiting department failed – they need to be held accountable! Fire them all!
  4. You’d have to be a moron to not be the biggest company in the region with employees like that, but I want them to be the biggest company in the whole country!
  5. There’s a company in Boston with a GM who is better than your GM so your GM should be fired!
  6. Why did your company let a good sales person quit and go work for another company? They should have kept them!
  7. I worked at a small business in high school, so I know how these things work!
  8. The company had sales of $174 million last year, but they only spent $165 million on employee salaries. That’s stupid – they need more expensive employees!
  9. I know you have a really good manager, but she’s been there a while. She should be fired because I (who never stepped foot into your office or talked to anyone at the company) think her message is stale and it’s time for a “new voice.”
  10. The stock has gone up 8 years in a row, but it went down this year. That’s proof that the entire management team is terrible and should all be fired!
  11. Your company should hire all the good people from the company on the other side of town. It’s stupid not to!
  12. There’s a guy in HR who’s good with numbers – they should make him an accountant!
  13. The GM of your company, who I have never met and hardly ever gives interviews, is too arrogant – I don’t like him!
  14. You should fire the CEO of your company – the company is only on the Fortune 100 list and not Fortune’s #1 company – the shareholders deserve better!
  15. You might be fine with being the best company in the country, but nothing matter’s unless they’re the best company in the world!
  16. Oh sure, they were the best company in the world, but that was like 7 years ago!
  17. Your tech support guy doesn’t fix problems as fast as he used to. They should cut his compensation – he’s not worth that much anymore!
  18. We don’t hang banners for global sales records, we want inter-gallactic sales records!
  19. Fire the GM! Someone posted a picture of him from TV and he looked tired – he must be a moron!
  20. My friends and I get together every year at a bar to build imaginary companies – I always have the best one, so you should listen to me!


Feel free to add more in the comments!


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