How The Aaron Jones Saga Will Play Out

I love Aaron Jones.

I have long lauded his uncanny vision and big play ability.

But there’s a business side to this and I don’t think it makes sense to re-sign him. Given a compressed cap, other free agent needs, and the general nature of the running back position (never mind that he recently signed with Drew Rosenhaus as his new agent), I think the Packers will see things the same way.

It’s the harsh reality of the sport and the salary cap. We can’t re-sign everyone, even our favorite players.

So here’s how I see this playing out:

Fans will keep begging to re-sign him over social media.

Aaron Jones will have a productive end to the year (possibly winning a Super Bowl), leading to even more comments about how the team would be stupid to let him walk.

There will be constant rumors floating that Rosenhaus and the Packers are negotiating, which will give fans false hope and make the inevitable decision to let him go to another team even more difficult (leading to more liberal use of the #FireGute hashtag).

In March, another team (probably one that hasn’t won a Super Bowl in the last 20 years, if ever) will sign Aaron Jones to a lucrative deal.

Fans will be outraged, #FireGute will trend, I’ll re-post this article, and people will tell me to shut up.

In April, the Packers will spend a Day 3 pick on a running back and fans will gnash their teeth about how whoever they pick could never replace Aaron Jones (forgetting the Jones, himself, was a Day 3 pick and fans didn’t think he could ever become a starter because, only skill position players drafted in the 1st round can ever amount to anything).

In May and June, workout videos of Aaron Jones will surface on social media, #FireGute will return to prominence.

Aaron Jones will have a very productive 2021 season, to the chagrin of many fans, but his new team won’t even make the playoffs.

Jones will have a solid year in 2022, as well, but will be cut in 2023 or 2024 as the cap issues play out and whatever mismanaged team over-paid for a running back fires their front office and cuts overpriced veterans.

This will show that the Packers were right to not re-sign him, but by then, most Packers fans will have forgotten all about it and will instead be spending their energy clamoring to re-sign AJ Dillon…

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