Plenty To Worry About Early In Camp

Packer fans loooove to worry.

It’s the only thing they like more than winning. Even when they’re winning, the fans still love to worry.

The 2017 camp has given them plenty to worry about.

Today, young corner prospect Herb Waters was declared out for the year. Now, was the season riding on the health of Herb Waters? No, but fans are already worrying and a season-ending injury puts that worry to the next level.

What’s that? You haven’t had internet access all week and you’re concerned that you haven’t been worrying enough?

Well let me help you with that!

Top pick Kevin King is out with a shoulder injury. Have you seen what happened the last time our corners got hurt?

Montravius Adams got hurt, too. MM said he’ll be out weeks and when MM says weeks, he usually means months. Good thing that the guy he backs up is suspended.

Biegel is still out, making three of the this year’s top four draft picks sit and watch during the critical formative first training camp. Yay.

Damarious Randall hasn’t flashed yet and he’s actually healthy.

Gunter as the #1 corner already appears demoted after his first practice.

None of the other running backs have separated from the pack, yet.

Barclay took backup center snaps and Linsley is already banged up.

Ty Montgomery whiffs all over pass protection, which is bad news if Donnie Football is playing center.

It’s early, but there’s already plenty to get worked up over! Worry on, fans – it’s a great offseason for you!

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