No, We’re Not Signing Jamaal Charles, Either

So the Chiefs signed CJ Spiller, now everyone thinks Jamaal Charles is getting released. Naturally, people are jumping on the stupidest of conclusions: that the Packers might sign him.

Didn’t we already have this conversation? Ted Thompson is not going to sign a 30 year-old running back with a reconstructed knee!

He was really good and if this were 2013, I’d love to have him (but I’d still realize there’s no way Ted would sign him). He tore his acl twice, the most recent one cost him basically two seasons. Don’t forget that the Chiefs have Knile Davis (remember him), do you really want the guy that gets cut so they can keep Knile Davis!?

Look, I know we all miss football and this is the worst of the dead times, but let’s stop whipping up Packer rumors about every player that might get cut. Play with your kids, make Patriots memes, look at sites that make you clear your browser history – do anything besides start this nonsense!


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