Packers Foes Praying For Barclay Re-signing

When Donnie Football came out of nowhere as an undrafted free agent pinch fill-in starter, he was one of the feel-good stories of 2012.

When Bryan Bulaga tore his acl before my very eyes at Family Night in 2013, Donnie boy started most of the year at right tackle and did a fine job.

Then, when Bulaga came back and wanted his old spot, Barclay returned the favor and tore his acl in training camp. What a great teammate, this guy!

That’s where the feel-good part of story ends. Pitch Perfect 2 was as good as it got since then.

After a tough rehab, Barclay came back and was not the same. Year one is always tough to come back from an acl (unless you happen to be Jordy Nelson, in which case you lead the league in touchdowns and do this), but if you don’t show it in year two, chances are it’s gone.

Donnie didn’t show it in year two.

He had a lot of spot duty when guys got banged up last year and it seemed like every time he came in, Rodgers got lit up or a run got stuffed by whoever he was supposed to be blocking. By the end of the year, I imagine defensive coordinators watched film and said, “if this guy comes in, heh, well, bwah haw haw!” and then all the defensive linemen in the fill room would laugh and slap each other on the back, just hoping Turnstyle 67 would get some PT on Sunday.

Even with uncertainty around Lang and Tretter, we can’t re-sign Donnie. He had a nice little run, but it’s time.

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