Packers 2020 Mock Draft 12 – Going All In

I don’t believe in going “all in” – I think it’s a fool’s pursuit.

However, when this draft gave me a huge gift at 30, I thought – for the sake of science – that I’d give it a go. While I love the results, I still look back and cringe at the players I left on the board.

Still… it’s a pretty nice haul.

Check it out:


Round 1

Henry Ruggs – Wide Receiver
Profile: Maybe the best receiver in a very deep class, Ruggs uses 4.27 speed to the best of his ability. He is fast. Fast. Faaast. He’s so fast it doesn’t even matter if defenders have an angle on him, he just blows past the. He’s electric, a total game-changer who is a threat to score every play. He’s not just a speed guy though, he run routes with the best of them and sells double-moves like they’re discontinued on clearance. At 5’11 188, he needs a little work beating press coverage, but he’s still a tough runner for his size and can catch the ball anywhere.

Analysis: Patrick Queen actually fell to 30, but I couldn’t pass on Ruggs. He has no business making it to the Packers, but a deep class of receivers like this may have some unpredictable picks. This is a Super Bowl pick. Given that he fell, I am now going to try to go “all-in” with this draft and get the Packers a Lombardi by aggressively drafting for need and moving up if necessary.


Round 2

Patrick Queen – Inside Linebacker
Profile: Fast and explosive, Queen is always the first guy to the football. He lacks an imposing presence at 6’0 229, but he diagnoses plays quickly and races ahead of blockers. With sideline to sideline 4.5 speed, he chased down back end plays and he can cover – no need to bring safeties up when Queen is manning the middle.

Analysis: Queen was a guy I had targeted in the 1st round (he usually doesn’t make it to 30 in my simulations). After he kept falling, I figured if I’m going all in, I should trade up to get him. I wasn’t willing to give up anything more than the 2nd and 3rd round picks, though. I couldn’t get a team to say yes until Atlanta at the 15th spot. Somehow, he was still there. This would be a huge upgrade for the Packers defense.


Round 3

No selection due to trades.


Round 4

Saahdiq Charles – Offensive Tackle
Profile: Light on his feet and light for his height, Charles is 6’4 but only 295 pounds. Coming out as a 20 year-old junior should give him time to fill out. He’s good in pass protection, using balance and agility to mirror his opponents. He’s not a road grader, but shows the natural athleticism to be a good zone blocker that can fluidly glide to the second level.

Analysis: I had big wins at receiver and linebacker, but the Packers had one more big hole with the rumored exodus of Bryan Bulaga: right tackle. There were plenty available when the Packers would have picked in the 3rd, but they were all dropping by the time the 4th round started (that’s a lesson in trading up that  I already knew). I had to act if I was going to go “all in” because Charles was soon the last passable tackle on my board. I traded my 5th round pick away to the Rams to move up from 30 to 20 in the 4th and get Charles. He should fit nicely at right tackle as a long-term starter.


Round 5

No selection due to trades.


Round 6

Benito Jones – Defensive Line
Profile: It’s hard to squeeze 320+ pounds into a 6’1 frame, but Benito Jones does is and he is a straight up anchor. He can 2-gap with the best of this class and does not allow cutbacks in his lanes. Predictably limited as a pass rusher, Jones is a run-stopping role player.

Analysis: The Packers got some help in run defense early with Patrick Queen (who can chase guys down), but they still need some help on the defensive line (for brute force). Jones is becoming one of my favorite Day 3 prospects to make sure no one runs on the Packers for 7 yards a carry in the playoffs again.

Shaquille Quarterman – Inside Linebacker
Profile: A short, powerful build, the 6’0, 234 pound Quarterman is a physical presence inside. He plays downhill, takes good angles, and lays lumber. He’s not much in coverage, but his leverage lets him hold gaps against bigger blockers – he is another run-stopping role player.

Analysis: I like the pick of Queen early, but he’s a runner. Quarterman is the perfect complement as a mean mug in the middle to just blow stuff up. Let Queen cover and let Quarterman hit. This could be a nice combination.

JJ Taylor – Running back
Profile: A small back at 5’6 185, Taylor runs with a compact frame. He’s quick and athletic and shows the the ability to plant and take over in a zone scheme. Instinctive and dangerous in space, he’s also a good route runner with slippery moves. However, with his frame, he can’t be an every down back and isn’t much of a help in pass protection or short yardage situations.

Analysis: The Packers have shown a desire for multiple different styles in their backfield and Taylor gives them a new one.


Round 7

Josiah Scott – Cornerback
Profile: A small corner at 5’9 185, Scott is a ballhawk with 4.4 speed. He has quick feet and the ability to move laterally with anyone. His backpedal and burst make it tough for receivers to get away, their best chance to win is with size mismatches. He’s too small to fight through blocks, but coming out as a junior gives him more time to learn evasive techniques.

Analysis: The Packers need a new nickel corner. Scott is a bit undersized, but has all the other skills. Since Jaire has a similar frame, the Packers would be even more dependent on Kevin King when they need to match up with big bodies.

Charlie Taumoepeau – Tight End
Profile: Slightly undersized at 6’2 240, Tau (not to be confused with Tua) has the versatility to play h-back or heavy slot. He’s a physical blocker with good hands and technique, but doesn’t have the speed or quickness to be a huge vertical threat. He’s a smart, versatile, well-rounded player with a low ceiling who can be a solid role player for a team that likes to run multiple tight ends.

Analysis: The Packers need depth and versatility at the position and Tau (again, not to be confused with Tua) gives it to them. He’s crafty enough to find the soft spot in zones, but his real value comes as a mobile blocker.


Of Note

Zack Baun was drafted at 41 overall, well before I moved up for Patrick Queen at 47.

When the Packers would have picked in the 3rd round, they could have chosen between AJ Dillon, Jordan Love, Matt Hennessy, and Akeem Davis-Gaither


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