Packers 2020 Mock Draft 2 – Maximum Receiver Value

In our first mock, we saw that wide receiver talent can be had when the Packers pick at the end of the 2nd round. For this one, I wanted to push things a little further.

Remember when the Packers took three wide receivers in the middle rounds a couple years ago? Well, what if they did that earlier? What if they traded out of the 1st round to get a couple more 2nd rounders? What if they used them all on wide receivers?

Here’s what it looked like when I tried it:


Round 1

I traded down with the Seahawks to get both of their 2nd round picks (plus their 4th rounder to make things even – but I still only drafted 2 rounds for this exercise).


Round 2

Brandon Aiyuk (WR) He’s fast enough and big enough, he’s tenacious with the ball in his hands and shows good body control. Throw in the versatility to be a top returner and you have all the tools he should need to be a day 1 contributor.

KJ Hamler (WR) Quick and elusive with good separation, Hamler doesn’t have great catching technique, but he makes up for it with speed. He’s a Steve Smith sized guy with better-than-Steve-Smith speed. The dude is the type of lighting weapon that we just never see on the Packers and would bring a new dimension to the offense.

Jalen Reagor (WR) If you’re impressed by KJ Hamler’s speed, Jalen Reagor is your kind of receiver. Along with Henry Ruggs, Reagor joins Hamler as the fastest receivers in the draft. Good routes, instinctive playmaker – he can torch defenses with little flare passes (which might be the safest bet given his hands issues) and would give defenses plenty to think about in terms of how they go about defending these weapons.



You wanna open up the passing game? Here you go! Don’t worry about inside linebackers letting running backs turn the corner, if we draft these guys, we’re just gonna roll like the Chiefs – let people score all they want, we’ll have the quick strike capability to pinball ’em up!


Of Note

Only one wide receiver was taken in the 2nd round before my picks came up. This is after six went in the 1st round. There is so much talent here that it’s hard to tell if they will be streaky or consistent.


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