A Fan’s Guide To The NFL Draft – Now Available!

UPDATE: The companion book, A Fan’s Guide To NFL Free Agency Hits And Misses: Case Studies and Lessons From Landmark Signings Throughout History, is now available – see the release here.

You know we love talking about the draft – now, you can dive deeper than one-page articles and quick-hit tweets with our new book, A Fan’s Guide to Understanding The NFL Draft: Strategies, Tactics, and Case Studies for Building A Professional Football Team! It’s already rated as a #1 New Release!

We’ll talk about why the draft is so hard, why GMs do stupid things, and look at case studies of draft successes and disasters to learn what went wrong and prepare for the upcoming draft!

Available in ebook and paperback (with a snappy wraparound cover) using the links below!

You can also read for free on Kindle Unlimited – if you don’t have that, you can get a free trial of Kindle Unlimited here!




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