Packers 2020 Mock Draft 9 – He Won’t Be There

“He won’t be there” is the natural reaction to any mock draft that looks too good to be true.

Normally, I just chuckle and shake my head. We never know who is going to end up where; people fall in the draft all the time for all sorts of reasons. A prospect gets hurt, has a terrible Combine, or hits a woman, and he tumbles down the board.

It happens. Anything can happen.

Anything except this.

This won’t happen.

He won’t be there.

Here are the results of this unbelievable mock that would absolutely take the offense to new heights:


Round 1

Jerry Jeudy – Wide Receiver
Profile: Amazing releases, amazing routes, amazing after the catch, elite speed… the list goes on. I’m not even going to waste my time on the profile. He’s the best prospect in the best receiver class maybe ever. He won’t be there.

Analysis: This would immediately take the Packers offense to the next level and I can’t even go deep with this analysis because it just hurts to think about.


Round 2

D’Andre Swift – Running Back
Profile: Swift might be the best back in this class. With great speed and unnatural acceleration to go with a compact power build that deflects contact, he is explosive all by himself. He also has great hands and the type of anticipation, decisiveness, and inside moves that were tailor-made for zone blocking. Being average in pass protection is about the biggest knock on him.

Analysis: This is a “he probably won’t be there” scenario. The Packers have needs on defense, but adding Swift not only makes the Aaron Jones contract situation a non-issue, he raises the ground game to elite status and pairs with Jerry Jeudy to absolutely blow the roof off the Packers offense as a whole.


Round 3

Tyler Biadasz – Center
Profile: Maybe the best center in the draft, Biadasz has the kind of crazy strength that locks up even the most powerful interior rushers. He’s smart on the calls and plays with great technique. A bit slow with pulls, he holds his own in any system with technique, brains, and power.

Analysis: The Linsley contract situation is looming and Biadasz would give them a rock in the middle for years to come. Getting a nasty ogre like this in the middle of the line would give Aaron Jones and D’Andre Swift gaping holes to dart through, allowing the Packers to do what he 49ers did to them.


Round 4

Evan Weaver – Inside Linebacker
Profile: Smart inside player who reads gaps, processes quickly, and plows through whatever is there with motor and toughness. He’s powerful, but not explosive. He has great technique and a big tackle radius, even if he doesn’t have sideline speed. Weaver lacks coverage ability, but built thick and dense, he’s the type of early down run defender the Packers need.

Analysis: The Packers have enough hybrid types for third down, this is the kind of run-stopper they need on the early downs. Without getting one of the big names in the 1st round, Weaver is good value at the back fringe of the second tier. He’d fit nicely in Blake Martinez’s role at a steep discount.


Round 5

McTelvin Agim – Defensive Line
Profile: One of the more athletic defensive linemen in the class, Agim is a disruptive one-gap rusher. He has an explosive first step and a high motor. Those are great, but sometimes cause him to over-pursue. He doesn’t have a strong anchor against the run, but he’s great in pursuit.

Analysis: This is the part of the draft where teams need to find role players. Agim would be a good guy to have in the stable. He’s a pass rush specialist like Keke, but he’s quick and explosive whereas Keke was more of a moves technician. It’s never a bad idea to build up the d-line bullpen with different skillsets.


Of Note

Chase Young fell to 4, which was the lowest I’ve ever seen.


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