Packers vs PFTW: How We Would Have Picked The Packers 2022 Draft

Every year, we do tons of draft analysis on the Packers (you can check it all out at 2021 Packers Draft Central). And every year, we love to follow along and compare our picks to the Packers picks.

We don’t think we’ll do better, rather it’s an exercise that reminds us how difficult and challenging the draft is in the moment and gives something to look back on later and learn from.

With an eye towards learning, here are our picks for the Packers in 2022, compared to the the actual Packers picks:


Round 1

Gutekunst: Quay Walker, Inside Linebacker
Bruce Irons: Travis Jones, Defensive Lineman

I have wanted another stud defensive lineman for the Packers for a long time. Jordan Davis was a pipedream, but I thought Travis Jones would have been a solid value at 22. I liked Quay Walker (he was actually one of my draft crushes this year) but felt it was a little too early to take him. I felt it was a tad early for Jones, but there just aren’t a lot of anchor dropping defensive linemen in this class.


Gutekunst: Devonte Wyatt, Defensive Lineman
Bruce Irons: Daxton Hill, Safety

I think Devonte Wyatt is a great value at 28. However, in my draft, I already took Travis Jones as my defensive lineman, so I went with a great defensive back who can play all over the back end and support the run. I think Dax would be a huge help this year and give the Packers some leverage next year, when Adrian Amos may have to leave via free agency.


Round 2

Gutekunst: Christian Watson, Wide Receiver (via trade up)
Bruce Irons: Jalen Tolbert, Wide Receiver

I did not want to trade up because I think there was too much value at this portion of the draft. While I love the Christian Watson pick I would have stayed put. After missing George Pickens – my preferred target – by one pick, I went with Jalen Tolbert, who has a great combination of size and route running that would fit the Packers offense.

Gutekunst: (used pick to trade up)
Bruce Irons: Nicholas Petit-Frere, Offensive Tackle

This is why I didn’t want to trade up. Sure, I’d love a receiver with Watson’s potential, but I wouldn’t mind waiting a little for Jalen Tolbert instead if it meant I could pick up NPF, who would fit the Packers zone blocking scheme and could be a Day 1 starter at right tackle.


Round 3

Gutekunst: Sean Rhyan, Offensive Tackle
Bruce Irons: Danny Gray, Wide Receiver

Even with one receiver that I already like, the Packers need more help and I think Gray, who can fly and has great moves, would be a good fit in the Packers offense.


Round 4

Gutekunst: Romeo Doubs, Wide Receiver
Bruce Irons: Kingsley Enagbare, Edge

I was getting nervous about not finding a 3rd pass rusher for the Packers yet and went with Kinglsey Enagbare, who has some nice moves off the edge, even if he doesn’t have the preferred edge-containing bulk in the run game. Edge rushers, as always, were off the board early and I felt this was solid value considering the round.

Gutekunst: Zach Tom, Offensive Line
Bruce Irons: Braxton Jones, Offensive Line

Gutey and I both thought more offensive line depth would be helpful here, even though we each took a tackle on Day 2. I fell in love with Braxton Jones. Zach Tom is a great fit, but I like Jones’s height advantage for playing tackle.


Round 5

Gutekunst: Kingsley Enagbare, Edge (after trade down)
Bruce Irons: Darrian Beavers, Inside Linebacker

Gutekunst wanted to trade down for an extra 7th rounder, but I chose to stay put. Beavers came into college as a safety and has great range. He has great lateral movement stands up well to blockers. I like his size and physical presence on the inside and he’s a solid wrap up tackler.


Round 6

The Packers had no picks in Round 6.


Round 7

Gutekunst: Tariq Carpenter, Inside Linebacker
Bruce Irons: Cal Adomitis, Long Snapper

The Packers suffered the follies of a sub-par long snapper last year and I want to upgrade that since they have a new punter and holder. Adomitis is the consensus top long snapper in this class and I wasn’t sure he’d make it to the 7th round (considering two long snappers were taken in the 6th round last year).

Gutekunst: Jonathan Ford, Defensive Line (pick acquired via trade)
Bruce Irons: (I did not take the trade to pick up an extra selection)

I did not use this pick after forgoing the trade that Gutey took with Denver, but can’t help but be jealous at another mammoth defensive lineman.

Gutekunst: Rasheed Walker, Offensive Tackle
Bruce Irons: Jalen Wydermyer, Tight End

I was targeting a tight end in the 3rd round, but they all went way too fast. Wydermyer is a guy who played great and tested terrible. I really think he’s worth a shot, especially with all the question marks the Packers have at tight end. He’s not much of a blocker, but made a lot of nice plays as a seam receiver.

Gutekunst: Samori Toure, Wide Receiver
Bruce Irons: Jayden Peevy, Defensive Lineman

Peevy is a big bullrusher with a huge wingspan that could fill a role similar to Dean Lowry. What I really like about him is that he blocked four kicks in college and could be a hit on special teams.


Priority UDFA Targets: Dare Rosenthal (Tackle), Justyn Ross (Wide Receiver), Kevin Austin (Wide Receiver), Kolby Harvell-Peele (Safety), Alec Lindstrom (Center), JoJo Doman (Inside Linebacker), Smoke Monday (Safety)



Quay Walker, Inside Linebacker
Devonte Wyatt, Defensive Lineman
Christian Watson, Wide Receiver
Sean Rhyan, Offensive Tackle
Romeo Doubs, Wide Receiver
Zach Tom, Offensive Line
Kingsley Enagbare, Edge
Tariq Carpenter, Inside Linebacker
Jonathan Ford, Defensive Line
Rasheed Walker, Offensive Tackle
Samori Toure, Wide Receiver

Bruce Irons
Travis Jones, Defensive Lineman
Daxton Hill, Safety
Jalen Tolbert, Wide Receiver
Nicholas Petit-Frere, Offensive Tackle
Danny Gray, Wide Receiver
Kingsley Enagbare, Edge
Braxton Jones, Offensive Line
Darrian Beavers, Inside Linebacker
Cal Adomitis, Long Snapper
Jalen Wydermyer, Tight End
Jayden Peevy, Defensive Lineman

The real fun in this exercise comes four years from now when we see how these players have panned out on their rookie contracts. For now, we’ll just follow along and try to learn what we can.


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