PFTW 2022 Mock Draft Archive

Draft season is one of our favorite times of the year here at PackersForTheWin. Check back regularly for all our mock drafts and analysis – and check out Packers Draft Central for even more coverage – as April 28th draws near!

But why? The purpose of mock drafts isn’t necessarily to get the best team or predict who will be taken, it’s to get to know the prospects better and look for the talent tiers that emerge in rounds and at positions to be more informed when the real thing takes place.

All our mock drafts focus specifically on the Packers and getting to know players that might be around when they pick so that you can have a better understanding for the options they may have. Check back for more mocks leading all the way up to draft day!


4/28/22 – Packers 2022 Mock Draft 17 – The Final Mock

4/26/22 – Packers 2022 Mock Draft 16 – Getting Darren Waller

4/21/22 – Packers 2022 Mock Draft 15 – Going Down

4/19/22 – Packers 2022 Mock Draft 14 – Moving On Up

4/16/22 – Packers 2022 Mock Draft 13 – Packers Play It Safe(ty)

4/8/22 – Packers 2022 Mock Draft 12 – An Aggressive Gamble

4/7/22 – Packers 2022 Mock Draft 11 – Dominate With Defense

3/9/22 – Packers 2022 Mock Draft 10 – Surprise

3/7/22 – Packers 2022 Mock Draft 9 – Stop The Pass

3/3/22 – Packers 2022 Mock Draft 8 – Size Matters

2/28/22 – Packers 2022 Mock Draft 7: Catch A Falling Star

2/25/22 – Packers 2022 Mock Draft 6 – What If?

2/23/22 – Packers 2022 Mock Draft 5 – Buying Futures

2/21/22 – Packers 2022 Mock Draft 4 – Big Boys

2/19/22 – Packers 2022 Mock Draft 3 – Bombs Away Buckeyes

2/16/22 – Packers 2022 Mock Draft 2 – Strength In The Box

2/13/22 – Packers 2022 Mock Draft 1 – Flying Blind



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