Peppers Threw Away His Chance, Now It’s Time To Move On

When Peppers signed in March of 2014,  I was shocked and felt there was no way he would play out his three year contract. Too old.

Well, what the h3ll do I know? Maybe that’s why no one reads this sh!t.

He’s made millions and has a smoking hot lady (Google it – I don’t link to that stuff), the only reason he’s still out there is for a Super Bowl (which he could have had if he signed with Green Bay in 2010 instead of going for the money of Chicago to play with Jay Cutler). He wants it so bad and will probably sign up for at least another year if he thinks there’s a chance.

The truth is, though, he p!ssed away his best chance the first year he was here. The infamous Seattle meltdown started when Morgan Burnett picked off a pass and could have returned it for a touchdown, or, at worst, close enough for a chip shot field goal that would have put the game out of reach (for real, though). But Peppers, perhaps remembering when Darren Sharper (with his rapist’s wit – hooray for prison), tried to run out of the end zone for no f#cking reason and knocked himself out of the playoffs.

Whatever the reason, Peppers, seeing that Burnett had nothing but grass between him and the end zone, said “Hey, Burns, don’t run this back for an easy touchdown to put the final nail in the coffin, just lay down on the ground with no one near you and quit.”

And quit they did. That was the switch. The team, much like the Atlanta Falcons last month, thought the game was over. As we know all too well, it wasn’t.

Now, I can’t say it was all Peppers’s fault, it took a lot of people pitching in to make such an epic pants-sh!tting a reality (like Brandon Bostick, for example), but old man Peppers shouldn’t be overlooked, even in light of his production that game.

But now, he’s a lot older and, no matter what a freak of nature he is (and he is – you don’t do sh!t like this in your mid-30’s), at some point, you have to move on.

It’s time to move on, feeling very good about his time here and with no hard feelings.

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