Postgame: Seahawks Packers 2017 Week 1

One and oh! Here’s a look at the big things that stuck out to me from Sunday’s big win.

The Defense
Holy balls, where did this defense come from!? Daniels, CM3, Perry and Brooks started as a four man front. Seattle couldn’t handle it… not even a little. The Seahawks wen’t three and out for their first three drives (including some satisfying stuffing of Eddie Lacy that the crowd really loved). The best part was that there was no new exotic scheme, no unscouted looks. No, the only play the defense ran the whole game was the old Vic Ketchman special, the “see-that-guy-across-from-you-whip-his-#ss” play.

They outphysicaled the most physical team in the league. Damn, they looked great, let’s hope that keeps up all year.

Special Teams
I said in the pregame column that I thought there would be a miscue on special teams… it came on the opening kickoff with botched coverage (luckily the D went into Beast Mode right off the gun). The second special teams miscue came on the second special teams play – I know Trevor Davis wants to make something happen and I know that if he shakes that first guy, there wasn’t anyone for a while, but that first guy had a wicked beat on him. High-risk, high-reward I guess, but it almost ruined that great defensive start. On his second return, Davis needed to keep going wide to try to turn the corner, not think hes gonna cut in between three unblocked defenders. It seemed like every punt, he did the opposite of what he should have done (he will undoubtedly get more opportunities, but if his decision-making isn’t cleared up by the playoffs – or sooner – Cobb will be back there). Throw in a false start and a delay of game (which may have been intentional) and it’s a good think the kicks and punts were solid or special teams could have been a disaster.

The first play from scrimmage was Big Mike’s first bad challenge of they season, maybe it was one of those “send a message” reviews. The call probably could have been intentional grounding, but Mike knew they weren’t going to change that. He made a point and then the defense responded. I loved the defensive play calling all game. All aggression with no head scratching cute stuff.

Conversely, Big Mike showed faith in his defense before the half and started calling timeouts in hopes that he could get another three and out and get the ball back with 8 seconds left. Once again that was a big fail. It seems like Big Mike never gets that one right. How about this? When your defense is stopping a team, let it be.

Not sure I understand the first quarter play-calling on offense. Let’s pass every single down until their starting corner gets ejected, then run every single down?

However, I love the play call for the first touchdown. Marty all alone on the left with trips right, making them think it would be an iso fade left, then they just run straight over the left side and punch it in. Another great play call was the 2nd and 6 game-clincher. The Packers went double TE right, with Marty inside of Kendricks. Kendricks ran out to clear, Marty faked a seal block then peeled out… wide open. Oh I’m sure you would have called the same thing, though. That was a great play call.

Who We Watched
Mike Daniels is my favorite current active player, so I try not to put him as my player to watch every week, but I might have to after today’s performance. Eventually he finally said “f#ck you, Jobu” and did it himself. I’m not a Dragonball fan, but I love his celebrations.

Damarious Randall was officially my guy to watch and he was worth watching. He gave up some catches, but even when he did, he was all over his guy. I really think he’s primed for a big bounce back season this year. Very physical and active with the ball in the air.

I picked Cobb to have a big game today and as soon as he makes a big play, he had to go be an idiot. I’ve said before I can tolerate that nonsense on defense a lot more than I can on offense. He had a game high 9 catches to make up for it and they were all seemingly big clutch catches at key moments. Cobb is such a hustle player, so good in the scramble drill and so valuable on third downs. I don’t get why so many fans want him gone.

More Player Notes

  • Kenny Clark is going to be good – check that, he is good – he’s going to be really good
  • Marty B stuck up for his QB – without Sitton and Lang around, someone’s gotta do it
  • Kyle Murphy was serviceable considering the competition
  • Jahri Evans looked old – when Bulaga comes back, Murphy may push him if he doesn’t take it up a notch

Other Things

  • Rodgers was not in midseason form, especially in his scrambling heroics (although Wilson certainly was pulling out a lot of almost-sack magic), however he did get a hardcount offsides and a 12 men touchdown, which is just amazing how good he is at that
  • I had a feeling TyMo would get hurt, didn’t seem bad, hopefully it’s not
  • Micheal Bennett is a beast, but does he still wear his shoulder pads from pee wee football?


  • The Packers defense is for real – when was the last time the Packers won a defensive battle against a defense like this?
  • The Packers offense needs some time to get into form… again (isn’t it great that we can put up a fair number of points – more than enough to win – on the what may be the best defense in the league and then just say “looks like they need time to get in form… again *eye roll*)
  • The Packers definitely wasted Eddie Lacy’s prime
  • Mike Daniels is a mutha f#cking bad #ss (but we already knew that)
  • Seahawks don’t miss tackles
  • Seattle is resilient and could definitely face the Packers again
  • This is a big game for playoff tie breakers

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