Prediction Results: Packers at Chargers – 2019 Week 9

I always say that when I’m wrong, I own it. Well, let the owning begin. Here’s the results from our predictions in Pregame Predictions: Packers at Chargers – 2019 Week 9:

Melvin Gordon gets 4.0 yards per carry for the first time this year
Yup. Saw that coming.
Score: 1.0

Aaron Rodgers gets 350 yards passing (more than the Chargers have given up all season)
He had 161. Less than half. I mean, he didn’t get shut out, so that’s worth something, right?
Score: 0.1

Packers offensive line steps back up and allows 0 sacks, even with Joey Bosa on the other side
They looked like they forgot to set their clocks back and it was embarrassing.
Score: 0.0

Jones and Jamaal each get a touchdown
I was half right. I almost wish it didn’t happen so I didn’t have to watch one of my guys dance while they were getting their @sses handed to them.
Score: 0.5

Austin Ekeler has a field day against our linebackers
I thought he was going to make them look stupid in the passing game, but he did it mostly in the running game. I didn’t specify, so I get the credit. Whoopie.
Score: 1.0

The Packers defense and special teams get at least 2 takeaways
Hahahahaha! Was I smoking up with Za’Darius when I wrote that nonsense?
Score: 0.0

Allen Lazard comes up with a big play
A 17 yarder. Meh.
Score: 0.3

The Chargers new offensive coordinator runs some crazy stuff
Yeah, it’s called a rhythm and they had a crazy rhythm all day. Going for it on 4th and goal was another big one.
Score: 1.0

Packers 34, Chargers 20
If the Packers would have put up four times as many TDs as they did, I would have been close.
Score: 0.1


Total Predictions: 9
Total Score: 4
Percentage: 44%


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