Prediction Results: Packers vs Bears – 2019 Week 15

Another ugly win. Awesome, but didn’t we see this coming? Here’s the results of our predictions from Pregame Predictions: Packers vs Bears – 2019 Week 15:

Matt LaFleur quits playing around and runs the offense through Aaron Jones
Well it looked like he tried to run the ground game through him but for some reason never got him a reception.
Score: 0.5

Tyler Ervin continues to be a functional returner, the likes of which the Packers haven’t had this year
He had a punt return for 12 yards and a kickoff return for 45 yards. We haven’t had that all year.
Score: 1.0

Tyler Ervin is outclassed by Cordarrelle Patterson
Credit the Packers special teams for keeping Patterson in check.
Score: 0.0 

One of those “late round picks and UDFA” receivers comes up big
It was Jake Kumerow’s turn this week – his one catch got him over twice as many yards as Emmanuel Sanders and Mohamed Sanu combined for this week.
Score: 1.0

Packers win the turnover battle
Three to zero. Same old Jay.
Score: 1.0

The Packers manage to do a reasonable job covering tight ends for a change
They held the Bears tight ends to a total of 2 catches for 8 yards.
Score: 1.0

Za’Darius Smith unleashes in full beast fashion
Za’Darius got plenty of push, but didn’t finish with the sacks and TFLs we’ve come to expect. Still, he was beastly in his push blitzes.
Score: 0.6

The Bears hold Aaron Rodgers under 250 yards passing
He ended up with 203 yards, 1 TD, and 0 interceptions, which was enough to win.
Score: 1.0

Packers 17, Bears 13
Ok, so the Packers got 4 more points. Close enough.
Score 0.9

Total Predictions: 9
Total Score: 7.0
Percentage: 77.8%


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