Quick Review: Packers vs Bears – 2019 Week 15

There’s a lot of talk about this win not being pretty, but here’s the deal: it was a win.

The Packers offense missed on a 75 yard bomb to start the game and had a couple miscues that took them out of field goal range, but they still never trailed. On Defense, the Packers looked stout in building a 21-3 lead in the 4th quarter before coasting to win it 21-13.

Plenty of things to nitpick, but why? The Packers were in firm control of this game the whole time, even if some fans would prefer a blowout.

They 2019 Packers are a team that usually does enough to win. They’re 11-3 and have clinched a playoff spot. Win one more game and they get a home playoff game. Win two more games and they get a bye followed by a home playoff game.

This a good thing.

This is something Packer fans haven’t experienced in a couple years.

Let’s just enjoy it.


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