Pregame Predictions: Packers vs Bears – 2019 Week 15

This is the real start of the postseason. Every game has huge implications from December until February. Here’s what we thinks will happen in this week’s game: 

  • Matt LaFleur quits playing around and runs the offense through Aaron Jones
  • Tyler Ervin continues to be a functional returner, the likes of which the Packers haven’t had this year 
  • Tyler Ervin is outclassed by Cordarrelle Patterson
  • One of those “late round picks and UDFA” receivers comes up big
  • Packers win the turnover battle
  • The Packers manage to do a reasonable job covering tight ends for a change
  • Za’Darius Smith unleashes in full beast fashion
  • The Bears hold Aaron Rodgers under 250 yards passing

Packers 17, Bears 13


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