Three Point Preview: Packers vs Bears – 2019 Week 15

This will be the 200th meeting in the greatest rivalry in sports and it is loaded with playoff implications. Here’s the big factors:

Offensive Identity
The Packers seem to have a different approach to every game. Or maybe it just seems that way. They tend to look great on script then devolve as the game goes on. They have options in the passing game and the running game, but can’t seem to get a full game. They will need to keep some rhythm against a tough Bears defense if they want to have a chance.  

The Bears are hot on a 3 game win streak. They’ve gotten so cocky, they’ve copied the Packers’s “run the table” motto from a few years ago. It doesn’t matter if they’re good or not – if they believe they can win, they can win. That’s how football works. The Packers have put together a couple wins against basement dwellers, but fans and players alike have commented that they need to be better. If the Packers want to finish strong and make some noise in the playoffs, they need to start with some convincing division wins to end the year. If they lose a game, they can kiss any hopes of earning a bye away.

Returns Are Fun Again
Tyler Ervin reminded us that there are free yards out there just waiting to be had if a punt returner will (literally) just step forward. However, the Bears have Cordarrelle Patterson, who just might be the best returner in the league. In a game that could be an offensive slogshow, featuring teams that combined for 13 points in their first meeting, one big return could be the game.


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