Preview and Predictions – Cardinals: 2018 Week 13

You know at the end of Goodfellas, when they start playing the Sid Vicious cover of My Way? I have those early guitar riffs in my head when I think about hte rest of the Packers season.

Maybe that will pause for a week.

Randall Cobb says Aaron Rodgers is ready to light everybody up this week.

Well I sure hope so, he’s the best player on the planet and he’s at home against the Cardinals.

The Cardinals.

It’s the f#cking Cardinals. They gave up 45 last week. The only team they’ve beat was the 49ers, who are pushing for the number 1 pick. They give up 27 points a game, for crying out loud!

The Cardinals have also scored fewer points than any team in the league this year, averaging 14.1. Their offense turns the ball over more than anyone except the Jets and Bucs.

This game actually remindds me of the Bills game, where you have… you know what? Look, there shouldn’t be much analysis to the game. The Packers are spiraling out of control in a lost season, playing a terrible opponent from a hot climate at Green Bay in December. If they don’t win, it’s just an outright embarassment.

Ok, you want come analysis? Here: the Cardinals get a lot of sacks – with 37, they are second in the league. Given the state of the Packers offensive line and the way Rodgers has been moving this year, they could get a bunch, but it still shouldn’t be enough to get anywhere near a win. They give up 145 yards rushing per game, 29th in the league, so many we should just run a lot in the cold. The problem is that McCarthy and Rodgers are in a juvenile p!ssing match about the offense and play-calling, so they’ll pass way more than they need to.


Question of the Week



  • Aaron Rodgers goes nuts
  • Aaron Jones goes nuts
  • Rodgers still gets sacked a few times
  • Tramon comes up with a pick
  • Fackrell gets another sack
  • Defense gets a shutout
  • JK Scott struggles in the cold


Packers 27, Cardinals 0

The team comes out and plays like they’re p!ssed off and, despite some sloppiness (becuase it’s the 2018 Packers), they win handily, much like the Bills game.

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