The Best Way To Truly Appreciate The Draft

The NFL draft is a lot of fun, but it’s way harder than most of us realize. Aside from just 6 things that GMs have to worry about that fans don’t, it’s just incredibly difficult to guess who is going to be drafted where.

What I find really fascinating is uncovering why and seeing how it pans out.

To truly appreciate this on another level, I encourage everyone to try this fun exercise.

When the Packers come up on the clock, think of who you would take.

Write it down someone, send yourself an email, tweet it out, just do something so it is on record.

Then go back next year when the draft starts and see how you did. Not in terms of guess who the Packers would pick, but in terms of how you would have done.

It’s the ultimate in armchair GM-ing, but it also makes you think and appreciate what is really happening.

We did this last year (check here for the results) and had a blast. We will definitely be doing it again this year.

I encourage you to all do it as well. Feel free to tweet us your picks @PackersForTheWn if you like. If you’re shy, just keep it to yourself, but be sure to look back next year!

This is a super fun way to get a better appreciation of the draft and understand it even more.


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