Opening The 2019 Draft Time Capsule In 2020

Last year, we put together a time capsule following the 2019 NFL Draft to remember what everyone was thinking.

Today is the first time we’ll peek back for a little refresher to see if we were on the right track or not.

When the Packers took Rashan Gary in the first round, fans were really split (like Hatfields and McCoys split) on if he would be a star or a flameout. His rookie year didn’t feature a lot of playing time, but it’s safe to say the jury is still out… though the side that thought he would flame out (I can’t remember if it was the Hatfields or the McCoys) seems to be winning at this point.

The move up for Darnell Savage wasn’t unexpected and fans were very excited. He flashed a bit in his rookie season, but didn’t really have a lot production. The jury is still out, but fans seem a lot more optimistic on him than Gary.

No one saw the Elgton Jenkins pick coming (although we did have him – and Savage – in this Packers mock draft), but people were mostly happy that the Packers took a lineman, any lineman. It ended up being the pick that paid the most dividends for this class in their rookie year.

The pick that had fans most excited, though, was Jace Sternberger in the 3rd. Injuries robbed him (and us) of most of his rookie year, but he did flash when he played. For some reason, fans as a whole seem less excited about him this year, while I am super-excited to see him take the mantle from Jimmy Graham.

People liked the talent and potential of Kingsley Keke, Ka’dar Hollman, and Dexter Williams, but they were Day 3 prospects that no one actually expected to have an impact (and, as rookies, they didn’t).

The Day 3 prospect that most people expected to have any impact, was actually Ty Summers, their final selection. Most of the Blake haters felt he should be an immediate starter. While no one is making much of that notion at the moment, he will have a chance to earn some snaps in training camp.

As always, the draft is unpredictable and fun. Buckle up for the next one!


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