What I’ll Be Watching: Vikings Packers 2017 Week 6

So many great storylines this week, many involving injuries. The Packers offensive line, the Vikings quarterback, whatever the heck happened to Jordy Nelson, and of course Ty Montgomery’s ribs. It’s the last one that interests me the most this week, and I’ll really be watching his backup.

Aaron Jones looked good in Dallas.

He didn’t look good by accident or because of scheme or great blocking, he looked good because he has amazing vision and an uncanny ability to know where holes and creases will open. Watch this clip – it’s only 4 seconds. That’s vision.

He was productive last week, but it was against an average defense that was playing with a lead and expecting pass. Let’s see how he does against one of the best defenses in the league when they’re prepared for him.

I’m optimistic.

Over the last few years, especially last year, the Vikings have had success against the Packers with their pass rush. This is especially true at home where the turf and dome crowd noise (much of it fake) make their edge rushers that much more effective. If Bakhtiari plays, it will be a tough first assignment back from a significant injury. If he doesn’t, it will be the toughest assignment Lane Taylor has ever had. Either way, pass protection and blitz pickup, especially on the blind side, will be key for Jones in this one. As a full-time college running back, this is one area he should have a clear advantage of TyMo when he comes back. For this week, it may be the most underrated matchups of the game – it may even decide it.

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