You Better Damn Well Appreciate Micah Hyde

It feels like all throughout the second half of the season, Packer sites were writing about how underappreciated Micah Hyde was.

Ironic, right? Oxymoronic, actually.

Maybe it just took some idiots his entire rookie contract to realize how good he is. Dude has been a rock solid performer since day 1. So what if he’s not a stud boundary corner, neither is Mike Daniels. Hyde has a role in the slot (occasionally following a target to the outside) and playing hybrid safety and he does a damn fine job!

Not only is he possibly¬†the surest tackler on the team and a great punt returner, but he does awesome sh!t like this! And don’t forget this and this. Plus he’s dating Amanda Kamiksisian (do yourself a favor and Google her) and has dreamy eyes.

If you thought the secondary was a dumpster fire last year, imagine what it would have been like without him!

It appears that people outside the organization are finally recognizing how good he is, which won’t make it any easier for Ted to re-sign him, but he needs to stay put.

He shouldn’t get silly money, but should be paid a fine sum to stay put in Green Bay.

Now please stop using the phrase “Swiss Army knife.”

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