3 Things Packer Fans Need To Do To Prepare For The 2020 NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is almost here!

Maybe you’ve been diving into your prep and poring over profiles or maybe you haven’t had any time to look through it yet. Maybe you’ve done a ton of mock drafts or maybe you hate mock drafts.

Either way, we’ve got an easy three-step process to get you fully prepared for the when the historic 2020 NFL Draft finally kicks off on Thursday, April April 23rd!

  1. Check out everything we have on Packers 2020 Draft Central, which features all sorts of articles on draft strategy and philosophy, historical reviews, trade options, and more. Bookmark this one – it will be updated with more articles leading up to the draft.
  2. Check out other people’s work on our Draft Resources page. Think we’re full of beans? Hate our lame insights? Don’t worry, our Draft Resources page has links to all sorts of other great pages from industry titans.
  3. Read our book on Draft Strategy to understand the draft on an even deeper level. There’s only so much information you squeeze into tweets and articles – this full-length resource gives you a deeper understanding of how the draft works, what strategies GMs use (and why none of them are foolproof), plus helpful case studies from history that help you learn some timeless lessons on this fascinating subject.

Football teams are made primarily through the draft. If you want to understand you favorite team better, this is the book to get you even deeper into understanding draft strategy (rated a #1 New Release on Amazon): A Fan’s Guide To Understanding The NFL Draft: Strategies, Tactics, And Case Studies For Building A Professional Football Team

Available in ebook and paperback – and free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers!

If you don’t have Kindle Unlimited, you can get a free trial of Kindle Unlimited here!

Don’t just watch the draft – understand it and learn why GMs make the moves they do.


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