Packers Options For Trading Up In The 2nd Round Of The 2020 NFL Draft

We’ve already looked at the Packers options for trading up in the 1st round of the 2020 NFL Draft, but what if they stay put and can’t decide between two prospects (and have no options for moving down like the options we examined)?

They’d probably look to move up in the 2nd round.

How high could they get?

Well, the Packers have a lot of Day 3 ammo that could help them move up a little. Let’s start with those scenarios. As always, well use DraftTek’s Trade Value Chart for all the valuations.

The Packers 2nd round pick, #62 overall, has a value of 284 points for starters.

Their 7th round picks are worth 1 point a piece, so there isn’t much value there.

Their three 6th rounders have a combined value of 27 points. That’s about enough to move up 3 spots in the 2nd round, but Seattle would have to really want a bunch of late round prospects that they would probably have at least a 50-50 shot of getting as undrafted free agents.

Even their 5th rounder only has a value 20.2 points, which is barely enough to move two spots. Again, their trade partner (Baltimore in this case) would need to want to pick up another Day 3 player. That would probably only happen if the team had 3 players rated nearly identical when their pick came up and they had their eye a few guys they wanted in the 5th.

If the Packers were willing to give up their 4th round pick (#136 overall), they would start to get a little more traction. Those 4th round picks still cam still garner some solid players (9 of the Packers 22 starters from last season where drafted in the 4th round or later). The Packers 4th rounder this year is worth 38 points. That could move them up about 4 spots in the second, moving to #58 overall if Minnesota would trade with them.

Packing up all of their Day 3 picks (7 selections in all) would give them 87.2 points.

That could get them about 9 spots, taking them to #53 overall if Philadelphia wanted to pick up a sh!t ton of Day 3 picks. They already have 5, including 3 in the 4th round, so a move like this might not be all that appealing to them.

Even if they were game, the Packers would be sinking 8 picks into moving up less than a third of a round.

That’s a huge investment and probably not realistic.

If the Packers really want to get somewhere, they would need to use their 3rd round pick.

If they packed their 2nd round pick (#62 overall) and their 3rd round pick (#94 overall) together, it could move them up as much as 13 spots, going all the way up to #49 overall in a trade with Pittsburgh.

If the Packers saw a guaranteed future All Pro and wanted to package up their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round picks, they might get Tampa Bay to let them move up 17 spots to #45 overall.

And if they really want to get silly, the Packers could just make their 1st round pick and then trade all 9 of their remaining selections in rounds 2 through 7 and get as high as #41 overall with Cleveland.

Would you want a draft class that just includes picks #30 and #41?

Most draft strategists would say no.


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