Packers vs PFTW: How We Would Have Picked The Packers 2021 Draft

Every year, we do tons of draft analysis on the Packers (you can check it all out at 2021 Packers Draft Central). And every year, we love to follow along and compare our picks to the Packers picks.

We don’t think we’ll do better, rather it’s an exercise that reminds us how difficult and challenging the draft is in the moment and gives something to look back on later and learn from.

With an eye towards learning, here are our picks for the Packers in 2021, compared to the the actual Packers picks:



Round 1

Gutekunst: Eric Stokes, Cornerback
Stude: Christian Barmore, Defensive Lineman
Bruce Irons: Christian Barmore, Defensive Lineman

I love the Stokes pick and I think I was higher on him that pretty much everyone. That being said, I still think (like I did last year) that defensive line is the Packers biggest need. When Barmore, the hands-down top defensive tackle in the draft, fell, I thought the Packers would take him for sure. I should have known better. I’m a huge Stokes fan and had him as my 4th highest corner in the class, but still would have prioritized defensive tackle. The Buccaneers won the Super Bowl by dominating the line and I want to see the Packers do the same thing.


Round 2

Gutekunst: Josh Myers, Center
Stude: Jalen Mayfield, Offensive Tackle
Bruce Irons
: James Hudson, Offensive Tackle

Josh Myers looks like a high-end starting center for the Packers, and he’s a premium talent at the position, I just felt the Packers needed an offensive tackle more given how Wagner and Turner couldn’t handle RT the whole season and Bakhtiari is injured at LT. This year was loaded with OT talent and James Hudson was an under-the-radar guy with unrivaled athletic tools. I thought the Packers could have stolen a 1st round talent here and found a solid center later in the draft.


Round 3

Gutekunst: Amari Rodgers, Wide Receiver (trade up)
Stude: Amari Rodgers, Wide Receiver (trade up)
Bruce Irons
: Ifeatu Melifonwu, Cornerback

Stude liked the trade up for Rodgers, and so did I, but based on going with linemen the first two rounds, I needed a cornerback. Melifonwu is a long, physical corner with attitude that I thought would be a great Kevin King replacement and give the Packers the same skill diversity the have in the defensive backfield, but with better tackling form and less injury risk.


Round 4

Gutekunst: No pick, traded up
Stude: No pick, traded up
Bruce Irons
: Khyiris Tonga, Defensive Lineman

This is why I don’t like trading up. I see Khyiris Tonga as a dominant interior force against the run. He’s powerful, tough to move, and great at finding the ball. He could add great rotational depth and sub package help. Best of all, I got him as a free pick because I didn’t trade up!


Round 4

Gutekunst: Royce Newman, Offensive Tackle
Stude: Royce Newman, Offensive Tackle
Bruce Irons: Keith Taylor, Cornerback

I already grabbed a cornerback earlier, but I really like this class and think the Packers need more than one. A tall press corner who is great in zone, Taylor doesn’t get any picks, but has a lot of pass breakups and shined at the Senior Bowl.


Round 5

Gutekunst: TJ Slaton, Defensive Tackle
Stude: Jonathan Marshall, Defensive Tackle
Bruce Irons: Josh Imatorbhebhe, Wide Receiver

If you’ve followed my draft coverage at all, you’ll know that I’m not a big fan of taking wide receivers early. If you followed by draft coverage this year, you’ll know that Josh Imatorbhebhe was one of my Day 3 must-have players. A big, physical, raw receiver, he has strong hands and a natural feel for back shoulder throws that would be a great element in the Packers offense. His explosive 46.5″ vertical was one of the best of all time.


Round 5

Gutekunst: Shemar Jean-Charles, Cornerback
Stude: Shemar Jean-Charles, Cornerback
Bruce Irons: Marvin Wilson, Defensive Lineman

I really like the Shemar Jean-Charles pick, but since I already grabbed a couple cornerbacks, I went back to bolster the defensive line. Yes, my 3rd defensive lineman of the draft. I think the Packers have neglected the position for too long and after watching what the Buccaneers did to the Packers in the playoffs last year (and what the Giants did to the Packers in the playoffs 10 years ago), I want a better line. Wilson is Day 3 boom or bust flyer. He looked like a sure-fire 1st round pick heading into last season. Then he put on weight, had some injuries, and followed up a disappointing season with a terrible Senior Bowl. This could very well be a throwaway pick, but Wilson has the most potential of anyone on the board at this point and plays a position of need, so I’m gladly rolling the dice.


Round 6

Gutekunst: Cole Van Lanen, Guard
Stude: Josh Imatorbhebhe, Wide Receiver
Bruce Irons
: Pooka Williams, Running Back

Pooka Williams does not come without character concerns (or with ideal size at 5’10 170), but he’s a patient zone runner with a natural feel for cutbacks. He’s a nice receiver out of the backfield and has the speed and acceleration to bust out for big yards every time he touches the ball.


Round 6

Gutekunst: Isaiah McDuffie, Inside Linebacker
Stude: Larnel Coleman, Offensive Tackle
Bruce Irons: Drake Jackson, Center

This is why I didn’t go for a center early. This class had a number of Day 3 centers I liked, including Drake Jackson. A pure zone blocker, he doesn’t have a powerful drive, but he’s great with his hands, understands leverage, and started 44 consecutive games in the SEC. He’s a high-basement, low-ceiling player who can effectively man the middle.


Round 7

Gutekunst: Kylin Hill, Running Back
Stude: Pooka Williams, Running Back
Bruce Irons: Trill Williams, Cornerback/Safety

You can never have too many DBs and Trill Williams brings elite athleticism and the ability to play man or zone from any spot in the defensive backfield. The Packers could use this kind of depth and he could be an immediate special teams contributor.



Eric Stokes, Cornerback
Josh Myers, Center
Amari Rodgers, Wide Receiver
Royce Newman, Offensive Tackle
TJ Slaton, Defensive Tackle
Shemar Jean-Charles, Cornerback
Cole Van Lanen, Guard
Isaiah McDuffie, Inside Linebacker
Kylin Hill, Running Back

Christian Barmore, Defensive Lineman
Jalen Mayfield, Offensive Tackle
Amari Rodgers, Wide Receiver
Royce Newman, Offensive Tackle
Jonathan Marshall, Defensive Tackle
Shemar Jean-Charles, Cornerback
Josh Imatorbhebhe, Wide Receiver
Larnel Coleman, Offensive Tackle
Pooka Williams, Running Back

Bruce Irons
Christian Barmore, Defensive Lineman
James Hudson, Offensive Tackle
Ifeatu Melifonwu, Cornerback
Khyiris Tonga, Defensive Lineman
Keith Taylor, Cornerback
Josh Imatorbhebhe, Wide Receiver
Marvin Wilson, Defensive Lineman
Pooka Williams, Running Back
Drake Jackson, Center
Trill Williams, Cornerback/Safety



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