Seriously, Why Don Barclay?

So instead of lobbying for TJ Lang or doing homework on Connor Barwin last week, Ted was getting a deal together for Don Barclay.

Don Barclay.

I’ve said how I feel about him before. He was a nice backup before his ACL injury. Now I think he’s the worst lineman on the team. Every time he game into the game last year, it was a sack (maybe he should play defense). I would catch him sneaking into the game and then I would just watch and wait in painful anticipation. Nearly every time, it seemed like a pressure, tackle for loss, or a sack by his man. I’m upset they re-signed him.

No, no, no!

He’s the Toby Flenderson to my Michael Scott.

Please, Ted, don’t tell me you’re planning on having this guy take over for TJ Lang. The rest of the NFC North is hoping and praying that he will start for us. You let them have Sitton and Lang, don’t let them have this.

Barclay was an undrafted free agent and has gone downhill due to injuries. He hasn’t done anything right since about 2014. Can’t we just find another undrafted guy, or even draft someone in the 6th, that can take his roster spot and do better?

I hope Ted finds someone to beat him out in training camp. He’s getting the veteran minimum with a $150k signing bonus and a $100k workout bonus. So, for a quarter mil, they could cut him loose.

But what on earth did he do last year to earn $250k in bonuses?

Geez Ted!

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