Ted’s Best Remaining Options, Since He’s Obviously Lost His Mind

Ted has had an uncharacteristic offseason, signing a restricted free agent (and a couple street guys).

Maybe he took Rodgers seriously. Maybe he’s been emboldened by losing a third of the roster to free agency in a week’s time. Maybe he hit his head and is completely out of his mind.

With some nice comp picks already set up even if he signs more guys and free agency getting to the point of bargains, why not just go nuts and sign everyone who’s left? Let’s take a look at some of the top options.

DeAndre Levy – Formerly one of the best (and at 4.47, fastest) linebackers in the game, Levy has only four starts in the last two years. He’s been plagued by knee and hip injuries (which probably robbed him of speed and mobility). Rangy and good in coverage, Levy had 34 pass breakups to go with 12 interceptions in his first 6 years in the league. A Milwaukee native, he could have a Lance Kendricks-like homecoming. Given that he’s lasted this long (and the fact that the Lions didn’t even want him), his injuries may be too much to consider him a viable player any longer.

Dont’a Hightower – He’s only 27, but missed games every year. A total stud when he’s on the field, he’s expected to announce his decision today and there have been no rumors of any Packers contact. It wouldn’t be the first time that happened, but his price should be out of the Packers stratosphere.

Dontari Poe – I loved him coming out of college and, of everyone on this list, he’s probably the guy I want the most. I’m a believer that the game is won and lost in the trenches and that defense wins championships. Give me all the big defensive linemen I can get. Poe holds the point, he doesn’t rack up stats. Big guys put a lot of wear on their bodies, but Poe only has five years under his belt and he’s played in at least 15 games every year. Forget about the flashy gimmick stuff he does on offense, he’s a big body inside that can disrupt whatever the center and guards are trying to do. With Guion missing time, they could use another big guy in the rotation, especially with Peppers and Datone gone and no longer eating up elephant snaps.

Johnathan Hankins – Another big young defensive lineman that could help in rotation. Health and durability are always an issue with guys this size, that’s why you get a bunch of them and, at the age of 25, he should have more tread on his tires than most.

Connor Barwin – The guy who probably makes the most sense (and the only one seriously linked to the Packers). There was no way Ted was going to trade for him a month ago when rumors started that he could be available. Now that he’s a street free agent, things may be different. He was miscast in a 4-3 the last couple years and his production suffered noticeably. Still, he’s just a couple years removed from a 14.5 sack Pro Bowl season. He’s getting up in years, but still has the nice to be a solid role player and situational pass rusher.

Darrellle Revis – I think he’s a washed up loafer, but lately Eye In The Sky (@The_Green_Gold) has been making a strong case with his analysis. If nothing else, I would say he’s worth a one year flyer, but with a lot of younger guys in-house (see what I did there), the Packers will probably bank on their development rather than a one year vet. Plus, this greedy bastard will price himself out of the market.

Adrian Peterson – Just kidding – no one wants this guy. It’s bad enough he’s a child abuser, but he’s a former Viking on top of it.

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